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Lions Mane Mushroom Extract Powder (50g, 250g, 1kg)

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We have been working with mushrooms for over a decade, and value them for their extraordinary immune boosting benefits, as well as the sense of spiritual connection that they bestow. We use them in our chocolate, in our sweet & savory dishes and as nourishing teas. Our personal interest and research has led us to what we believe are the highest quality mushroom extracts available at affordable prices - potent extracts with the important active compounds present, and at levels that are most beneficial.
  • Polysaccharide content minimum 30%
  • Beta glucan content minimum 15%
  • Hot water extracted (*see below)
  • No added fillers, binders or other ingredients
  • These mushroom extracts have long been prized by Asian cultures.

*The main bioactives in medicinal mushrooms are water soluble, not alcohol soluble. Immune modulation is a core property of hot water extracted mushrooms, and not so much of alcohol-extracts. A hot water extraction process is all that's needed to give us the required high levels of beneficial properties. Alcohol or dual extraction is only useful to get higher triterpene content, specifically in Reishi & Chaga.

Lion's Mane extract with a measured minimum 30% polysaccharides, and minimum 15% Beta glucans. Of all the mushroom powders we use, lion's mane has the most palatable flavour. Add it to raw soups and salad dressings for a mushroom flavour.

Mushroom extracts are powerful in action and strong in flavour. A daily recommended dose is just 1g, hence a 50g packet will provide around a 2 month supply.

Lions Mane is relatively new to us in the UK, and to the majority of people it is still unheard of. But in actual fact, it has been used in the countries it originates from for thousands of years, and is still in common use today. At Raw Living, it is our wish to introduce to you a whole world of plants that feed the body in the truest sense. It is only in very recent times that we consume food that is so denatured. On our site, you can find many ways to incorporate these wonderful foods into your diet, making your entire culinary experience so much more interesting, and most importantly, helping you connect to your super powers.