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Your Country Needs You !

Would you like to spread the raw chocolate word throughout the country? How many times have you walked down to your local shops and wished you could pick up a Whoosh, or grab a Hi-Lovers at the garage?

This is our dream! To see garages, supermarket checkouts and airport terminals selling snacks we can eat and enjoy, instead of rows and rows of inedible junk.

Help us to make this a reality.

Email us with the details of your local organic grocer or wholefood store who you would like to see stocking our bars and trail mixes on their shelves. We will send them samples, info on all the products, and details of how to purchase from us. If they start stocking our products then you're a winner three times over. Firstly, we'd like to reward you with a little treat from our stock room shelves. Secondly, think of all that hassle you'll save when you can just pick up a LuckyMe with your organic fruit and veg. And thirdly, imagine how ecstatic your friends and neighbours will be when they discover the raw chocolate revolution right there in your high street.

Email - thank you!

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