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A wonderful way to ask

Hi Chris

I was wondering when you will have the 9 tray dehydrator back in stock again?
I did a workshop with Kate recently in the friends meeting house
and she said if I asked you nicely you might give me a small discount~

This might be a hit and miss,
But dearest sweetest Chris,
Please do something very nice,
And knock a little of the price,

That would really make me to smile,
As a dehydrator + discount = worthwhile,
I like that I'm buying it from you,
because you and your company are so true,

True to the things that matter most,
And for that Dear Chris I'd like to toast,
My appriciation for all that you do and who are,
Ye have inriched my life~made it better by far,

So if you find it in your heart,
to reduce the price of my shopping cart,
I will Love and appriciate you even more,
If not, Love and appriciation shall always pour,

And for this Lovely upcoming weekend,
My warm thoughts and good energy I send,
Thank you again and again,
To all you people who are my friends

Happy Valentine Weekend

Lots of Love


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