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Raw Living | Welcome | Where to Start and Resources

Welcome! Raw Living has been in business since 2002, when it was a simple five-page website selling juicers, algae and tahini...since then we have grown to become Europe's largest resource for cutting edge plant nutrition. We have the largest selection of super foods in Europe, as well as all the tastiest raw food snacks from around the world. We pride ourselves on being more than just a shop: we hope that we can go some way towards introducing you to the raw lifestyle and helping you set off on what we believe is a wonderful and life-changing direction.

To this end, we have a ton of free resources here for you. There’s a Where To Start section, which breaks it down as simply as possible. A free 46 page e-Book with articles and recipes for when you’ve got a bit more time. 

Then you want to check out, for articles, events and recipes from a woman who has been thriving on this lifestyle for three decades, and is committed to living her best life and sharing with you everything she learns along the way. 

If you’re wanting to get busy in the kitchen, you can browse our Recipe section with over 30 more of Kate’s recipes.

When you’re done with all that, you might want to check out our YouTube, which has a load of great introductory videos.

If you still need questions on the raw lifestyle answering, please don’t send them to our office, where they are so busy making sure all the orders get sent out as quickly as possible. You can book a session with Kate, or if you want some live action, Kate travels all around the world, putting on events all across Europe.

If you're the kind of person who prefers to learn from the comfort of their own sofa, you can check out Kate's talks in video format on The Raw Magic Academy .

So, like we said, we hope we’ve got you covered! And if you want to let us know how you’re getting on, please hit us up on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Actually, the site used to house even more information on the raw food lifestyle, but sadly, we were ordered to remove it in July 2013.

it is currently illegal to share this information, which we have spent decades researching, with you. Primarily down to EU legislation that was passed at the end of 2012, we are allowed to tell you very little about the products we sell, why we recommend them and what they have historically been used for. 

To be able to share information, we need to have registered our products with the EU permitted claims register. This process takes years and costs over £100,000 per product, so obviously is not possible for small businesses such as ourselves. For now, we are still allowed to sell the foods on our website, although there are plans in process within the EU to change that as well, and outlaw all herbs, supplements, and seeds. Yes, crazy, but true! For now, the legislators have decided that it is in the public's interest to be sold herbs without any qualifying information that might help with guiding customers why to use them, or how much and how often to use them. We are forbidden to use words such as "health", "energy", "benefits", "vitality", "pure", "antioxidants", "superfoods" and "probiotics."

We think this issue goes far beyond whether you believe herbs have medicinal properties or not, and extends to freedom of choice and freedom of speech. But for now, it is not illegal for you to share information. Please tell your family and friends how much you enjoy these foods. Tell them where they can find the best quality at the best prices. Tell them how our right to choose what we put in our bodies, and our rights to share information that has been in the public domain for centuries, are being violated. Do your research and learn about who makes the laws (unelected groups of "experts", who work closely with the giant pharmaceutical, agrictural, and chemical companies), and what the real intentions of the laws are.

Recommended campaign groups

Alliance for Natural Health details all the issues clearly and comprehensively.

Consumers for Health Choice campaigns on supplements. 

Save the Practice of Herbal Medicine in the UK




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