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Spread it on your Bread

Another exciting raw food recipe from acclaimed raw food expert and author of over 500 published recipes, Kate Magic.

By Kate Magic 

Time needed: 10 mins
Equipment needed: blender
Serves 8 if you spread it like Nutella or 16 if you spread it like Marmite

About 20 years ago, I worked in a wholefood co-op in South London called Fareshares. It was run by the most wonderful man Martin Oddsocks who did it all for love. Everyone worked there voluntarily, and we sold organic fruit, veg and basic vegan wholefood items at cost prices (this was before the days when they had anything at all in supermarkets and wholefood stores had to charge ridiculous prices). I think it's still there, on the Pullens Estate off the Walworth Road. As well as doing shifts in the shop, I used to spend my Thursdays decanting. We would get in huge 20 kg quantities of miso, apple concentrate, and malt syrup and my job was to pour them into recycled jars and bottles to sell. I also made Polybiscuits and Polybread (my name then was Poly). Vegan, sugar-free delights that used to sell out within a day. And I made Spread it on Your Bread, a sweet one made with raisins and a savoury version with miso.

Here's my current Spread it on Your Bread - right now I'm eating it on Marching Biscuits, and the boys have it on Bread of Love. If you've got the Raw Magic book, it's perfect for the two flaxbreads in there - Surrender to the Confusion and Gratitude Bread.



Put everything in your blender together and blend for a few minutes until the mixture is turning over nicely and you have a smooth cream. Keeps in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

For more of Kate's recipes, check her books, or join the magic bubble.

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