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Raw Recipes

Here's where you'll find introductory recipes to inspire your explorations into raw cuisine. We think, when done right, raw cuisine is one of the most original and innovative cuisines around. As you go deeper into it, you'll discover the most wonderful recipes for complex dishes such as raw lasagnes and chocolate gateaux. You'll find that raw cuisine is incredibly playful and flexible, and once you have mastered the basic techniques, actually very easy to get your head around.

Here you'll find some of Kate's best recipes to get you started. We've graded them beginners, intermediate and advanced, so you can check out the ones that appeal most to your level of experience and understanding. While some are taken from her recipe books, many are exclusive to the site. If you're looking for more truly delicious and exciting raw recipes, you should take a look at the Bubble, which contains nearly 200 recipes that Kate has created in the past six years. This is her most recent and most developed work (and all of it is exclusive to the Bubble!).

Please note, all recipes are copyrighted, and we request you do not reprint the recipes, (and that applies to blogs as much as real paper!) without prior permission. If you would like to share Kate's work in your own publication or website, please email and she can forward your request on.


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