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The Raw Magic Online Academy

Kate has given her Raw Magic talk hundreds of times all around the world. But although she travels a lot, she can’t get everywhere! Maybe she hasn’t come to your town or city, or maybe you just prefer absorbing the information in the comfort of your own home. Or perhaps you are one of the thousands of people who have been inspired and motivated by the talk, and would like to watch it back again, to refresh your memory and glean more useful snippets of information to help you fast-track along the raw superhighway. Now, for the first time, Kate’s hugely popular Raw Magic talk is available online for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you like.

Kate says, “I firmly believe that the information I share in this short video is the most helpful distillation of how and why to do raw foods that you will find. It’s based on my twenty plus years of experience of eating a raw diet, and what I have learned in my busy life as a mum of three, health educator and business owner, in order to keep achieving optimum results for myself, and my family, friends, customers and clients.

Most importantly, I am aware that health is an emotional journey as much as a physical journey, and I understand the ups and downs that we all go through as we navigate this path.

In this talk, we cover

  • The reasons to go raw, why eating this way is so beneficial
  • The common pitfalls that people encounter when starting out, and how to avoid them
  • The best foods to eat to make the diet work in the long term (and on a budget)
  • How to transition safely and successfully, and not feel like a social outcast in the process!
  • Why raw foods isn’t just important for your personal health, but the social, political and ecological implications of eating such a clean diet

Thank you for taking the time to absorb this information. My greatest desire is that it gives you a firm foundation to live a fulfilled, enriching, energetic life.” 

The video is approx 1 hr 40 mins long in total, and is divided into four parts for ease of access. Once you’ve purchased it, you can watch it repeatedly (although you can’t download it). You also get an accompanying PDF that outlines the main points from the course, which you can print out and refer back to.

  • Part One – How It All Began
  • Part Two - Why Are Raw Foods so Beneficial?
  • Part Three – Follow Your Own Nose, No-one Else’s
  • Part Four – The Optimum Raw Diet for a Busy Urban Lifestyle

Go here to purchase the Raw Magic Lecture online.

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