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Cachao Sea Salt Bar (60g)


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Each ingredient is as intense as the time you take to taste it...

Each aroma is enhanced as you observe the flavours unfold in your mouth. Be open, be curious - pause for a moment – and taste.

All the ingredients and herbs have been gently dried and finely ground; carefully blended to make up a variety of distinct, natural flavours.

Cachao is chocolate in its most raw and natural form, rich in flavour and saturated with natural nutrients.

Move with open eyes through this world. The pleasure lies in the detail.

The minerals of sea salt enhances and balances the flavour of Cachao with a refreshing sea-washed taste of the Mediterranean. The Balearic Islands have developed a reputation for producing some of the best fleur de sel in the world. The fleur de sel found in Cachao is carefully harvested by hand in the Ses Salines salt flats where it naturally forms into a thin delicate layer as the ocean water evaporates under the sun.

Allergy Information: May contain traces of nuts.

Shelf Life: Best enjoyed before 12 months.


Ingredients: Unroasted cacao beans, coconut palm sugar, raw cacao butter, raw vanilla powder, fleur de sel (0,3%). Free from all chemicals, soy products, and additives.

Nutritional Information

Nutrition analysis per 100 gr. Energy value: 2491,10 kJ / 595,90 kcal Fats: 41,00 gr. - of which saturates: 26,15 gr. Carbohydrates: 43,50 gr. - of which sugars: 15,10 gr. Protein: 8,94 gr. Salt: 0,50 gr.


Further Information

When it comes to producing the finest chocolate, ingredients and process are everything. Master chocolatier Tino Wolter spent thirty months perfecting recipes and sourcing the highest quality sustainably and ecologically farmed products in the Balearics. The result was Cachao: chocolate in its most raw and natural form, rich in nutrients and saturated with natural flavours.

We source our organic cacao from tropical food forests where it grows naturally amongst mango, pepper, vanilla and coconut palm trees. The highest quality unroasted beans from Peru and Ecuador are stone ground on site at the Cachao Manufactory in Mallorca during a four-day process ensuring the cacao never exceeds 42°C.Keeping things as nature intended is important to us; it’s the reason we collaborate with producers that have a deep respect for the land and food they cultivate. Fruits, herbs and nuts are harvested during peak season and processed locally or on-site by Tino Wolter.
Gently home dried and finely ground fruitsaredelicately blended into expertly tempered dark chocolate to produce the Cachao signature collection: an homage to the typical aromas of the Spanish countryside. Chocolate is produced in three different formats, each one offering a unique texture and tasting experience for the senses : thick chocolate bars that fill your mouth with flavours, delicate chocolate squares that are thin enough to melt with your body heat, and crunchy chocolate covered treats that deliver a hit of energy.