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Dear Ms. Magic......

I just wanted to write to you and THANKYOU so so much!

I have just recently converted to a RAW diet, having spent the last 8 years of my life (aged 13-21) in the vicious circle of binge-fast eating, just like your experience!!

I was constantly trying to lose weight and break free from my addiction with junk foods (especially cooked chocolate) throughout my teenage years.... I was an on-off ethical vegetarian / vegan (to the annoyance of my mother) which resulted in me cooking the majority of my own meals from the age of 14.... I'd tried alsorts of diets; cabbage soup, maple syrup, juice detox, slimmers world, weight watchers... all of which resulted in rapid weight-loss for the first 2-3 weeks and then my return to my old habits! My family and friends came to know me as a serial dieter and could always be counted on to roll their eyes every time I tried something new, knowing I would fail. There was no support. I felt very alone.

It wasn't until about 4 years ago that I realised that an eating disorder didn't necessarily just mean anorexia or bulimia, that it could also include compulsive binge eating and food addiction as well. I wasn't obese, just overweight, but I knew that I had become addicted to food... I felt ashamed and kept it to myself... how could I become addicted to food? I'd always loved my food, but had increasingly turned towards eating for comfort and to take my mind off my other worries, especially about not living up to my parents expectations, i.e. taking up horse riding or going to university.... I binged, I felt guilty, I binged more to stop me thinking about that binge, I dieted, I failed, I binged more to console myself, and so it went on.

I was my heaviest at 20 years old, 14stn and a UK size 16-18.... I am 5'11'' so my weight was spread out so people didn't realise I had an eating disorder. My thoughts, for 8 years were dominated by what I was or wasn't going to eat, what diet I was going to go on and when I'd finally get down from a size 16-18 to a size 10-12. I had lost control of my thoughts. I stopped buying nice clothes and turned to plain baggy clothing to draw as little attention to myself and my body as possible.

So my mind had taken over, everything was about food, I didn't look good and I didn't feel attractive, I didn't even know where I was going in my life! At 20, I started partying and taking drugs, it got worse. My parents sent me to a life coach. I didn't want to go at first but thought that perhaps I could tell her about my food addiction in confidence... Throughout my session, I mentioned several times that I was unhappy with my body and that I comfort ate. She told me that it was because of my age and that that problem would go away once I resolved the issues with my parents... ALL THE ISSUES I'D EVER HAD IN MY LIFE WERE A RESULT OF MY FOOD ADDICTION! I didn't go to see her again.

Just recently, I have been open about my addiction with food with my best friend and husband, especially since getting married.... I tried to hide my addiction with food from my husband at first, but he soon caught on that I liked to eat each and everything that was offered, and even finish his dinner when he couldn't manage the yorkshire pudding I dished up for him..... He is from India, and having spent the last 4 months on the subcontinent in a house where his mother cooked us 2 large indian meals everyday (currys, rice, rotis, curd) and insisted apon me eating as much as I could, it was hard to hide!! After eating heavy cooked meals so late at night, I very rarely felt like being intimate with my other half, infact, I'd go to bed before him to avoid it!

I am back in the UK now and have gradually been reducing the amount of meat, dairy and wheat products that I consume and in the last few weeks have been upping my raw intake....I am now down to 11stn 8lbs...... I' have ordered my enema bag online and been on a juice fast for the last 7 days in preparation for going fully raw (well 90% at least) and am amazed at how much energy I have got from all the superfoods I've included... I've been using spirulina for a few years now, but since picking up your book 'Raw Living' in my local library and taking on some of your advice, I've been stocking up on a few of your recommeded superfoods including maca, suma and bee pollen and i'm BUZZING!! (Needless to say my desire for intimacy with my husband has increased dramatically!)

I aim to go fully raw by September (once I can afford to stock up on all the goodies I need! i.e. dehydrator and supplements etc) and have put my name in the Flora London Marathon 2009 ballot (despite never having run further than a kilometre!!) I know there are other raw runners out there, and I want to show people that you can achieve something as big as that on living foods!! My husband has also agreed to become a vegetarian and is happy for me to start introducing raw foods into his diet, slowly but surely!!

I think you are an inspiration Kate, a real INSPIRATION! Your 'Raw Living' book will be my BIBLE for the next few months, and I'm so so grateful to you.

If only there were more people out there like you who are creating the change!  And if only more of the general public were open to these new revolutionary ideas, then I think this world would be a much happier, healthier place!!

When I was younger, I wanted to be an air-stewardess, but now, I would LOVE to be just like you! A raw, successful mum and business woman, and an inspiration to everyone.

I look forward to purchasing your other books at somepoint and will happily join you in your raw revolution in spreading the word.

Thanks again Kate,

You're incredible.

Becky. xx

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