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Every home should have some maca magic in their kitchen cupboards - find out why this plant strengthens, energises and helps you feel on top of the world

Like all the best supplements, maca is not concocted in a laboratory somewhere, but is a root vegetable that grows in the Andes mountains of Peru. No other food plant in the world survives at such high altitudes - up to 14,000 feet above sea level! In Peru it is considered a staple part of the diet: the potato-like tuber can be baked, or the ground-up powder is added to meals, and the Peruvians have been using it as an energy enhancer for over 2,000 years. And like Aloe vera, maca is an adaptogen, meaning that it works to support the body wherever it is needed, without any harmful side effects. So like Aloe, maca is used by people for many different ailments, or simply just as an immune system booster.

Maca is wonderful for increasing energy, strength and stamina. For a start, it is full of minerals, vitamins, and protein, containing many of the essential amino acids, and particularly rich in calcium and magnesium, so it can help to deal with any deficiencies in the diet. Due to its high calcium levels, it?s often used to treat osteoporis and bone density problems. It is very popular among both men and women for its ability to balance hormones. So it is often taken by women suffering during the menopause, or with PMT, and it increases libido (it's sometimes known as Peruvian Viagra!), and helps with fertility issues. It contains plant sterols, the natural form of steroids, and is used by athletes to help improve performance. Because it gives you such a boost, it is particularly helpful for people who suffer from chronic fatigue or are depressed.

Our maca powder comes from the Andes mountains in Peru. The crops are harvested in a sustainable and ecologically sensitive way by an organisation of local traditional communities. All of the farmers are registered as organic producers, which leads to a system of production that respects biodiversity, as well as developing improved living standards for the farming population. The farmers are helped with advice on children's education, nutrition and family affairs, as well as technical advice for organic cultivation, backing for obtaining financial loans, and procurement of first quality organic seeds. The powdered maca root is made by air-drying at temperatures which, while they are low, are not strictly considered to be raw.Recommended dosage: maca can have a very powerful effect on you as it balances out your body, so beware! Start off with a teaspoon and see how you go. Once your system has adjusted, you can eat as much as you like - I have up to four tablespoons a day.

250 g £6.00 or 1 kg £18.00 (now with 10% off for 3 x 1kg)

"My dad is hardcore! I put him on the Maca a few months back (mum is grateful!!) - he has it with barleygrass and water all mixed together every morning. And he pulls it out at dinner parties (the Maca!) and tells all the men they should take it!" Rochelle Vincente, Brighton



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