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Latero Flora (60 caps) - Simply Divine Botanicals

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Latero Flora (60 caps) - Simply Divine Botanicals is available for purchase in increments of 1
The Discovery Of Latero-Flora™ An agriculturalist visiting a remote part of Iceland discovered rich tasting vegetables produced without chemicals. Returning to the U.S., the agriculturalist conducted a series of studies which revealed the secret of the soil's growing power. The patented formula is a unique strain of Bacillus Laterosporus (B.O.D. STRAIN), a naturally occurring bacteria.

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The Discovery Of Latero-Flora™ An agriculturalist visiting a remote part of Iceland discovered rich tasting vegetables produced without chemicals. Returning to the U.S., the agriculturalist conducted a series of studies which revealed the secret of the soil's growing power. The patented formula is a unique strain of Bacillus Laterosporus (B.O.D. STRAIN), a naturally occurring bacteria.

The Secret World Within You: How It Dramatically Influences Your Health Just as Earth holds an abundance of life forms - sometimes existing harmoniously, other times struggling fitfully against each other -- so too does the human body hold a vast internal ecosystem consisting of thousands of billions of living microorganisms that co-exist.

This vast internal ecosystem, called by many researchers our "human intestinal flora," dramatically influences, and to a certain degree even directs, every individual's personal state of health and well being -- including our physical and mental health, and our metabolism.

Over 400 distinct species of microorganisms inhabit the various regions of the human digestive tract, making up nearly four pounds of every individual's total body weight. This vast population of microorganisms far exceeds the number of tissue cells that make up the human body.

When functioning properly, this vast unseen world:

Helps guard your body against unfriendly bacteria. Helps in the function of the digestive system. Maintains your body's vital chemical and hormone balance. Performs a vast number of needed tasks for maintaining high energy levels, proper immune function.

Transient Microorganisms Transient microorganisms are extremely important to understand. These include food-borne microorganisms and soil-borne microorganisms that make their way into the human digestive tract and, depending upon the characteristics of the specific organism involved, influence the overall health of the human system.

Transient microorganisms are different from resident microorganisms in that they do not take up permanent residence in the gastrointestinal tract. Instead, they establish small colonies for brief periods of time before dying off or being flushed from the intestinal system via normal digestive processes, or by peristaltic bowel action. However, in taking up temporary residence, they contribute to the overall function and condition of the digestive system. For example, the lives of some of the most important resident microorganisms involved in human digestion and intestinal health depend on by-products produced by the visiting transients. Therefore, in many cases, these two very different types of microorganisms nonetheless enjoy a complex symbiotic relationship that may dramatically influence the health and well being of your entire body.

Bacillus Laterosporus (B.O.D.™ strain) This is one of the most enigmatic of the transient "friendly" microorganisms found in the human gastrointestinal tract. Bacillus Laterosporus (B.O.D.™ strain) is a spore bearing bacteria. This enables the encased spore to survive the stomach acids. Thus, the full benefit of Bacillus Laterosporus B.O.D.™ will bloom and flourish in the colon and establish colonies that will enhance your immune system.

~~~ "I am seeing an epidemic in overgrowth of Candida Albicans... since I have been using flora balance my clinical results are works better than acidophilus does in restoring health and getting people to say my symptoms are gone". Dr. Robert C. Atkins M.D. in "Dr. Atkins Health Revolution"

Thrush caused by candida albicans can be treated using Latero-Flora powder dissolved in water. Fifteen minutes before breakfast, dissolve 1 teaspoon of Latero-Flora powder in 4 ounces of water, rinse thoroughly in mouth and then swallow. This may also be used by children with thrush (Candida/Yeast). Swab mouth two times daily with above mixture. You can also use for yeast diaper rash. Rub mixture on affected parts and allow to dry. Use after every diaper change. Latero-Flora powder dissolves easily in water and is tasteless. Improvement should be seen within a few days, continue program until all evidence of the coating is gone.

The powder may also be taken as a douche for vaginal yeast infections, used as a colonic implant, for soaking athlete's foot or fungus nails or sprayed on certain skin rashes like diaper rash.

Usage Adults-every morning, 20 minutes before eating, take 1 scoop with water. After one to two months, reduce usage by half. Children-take 1/2 scoop as described above. Store at room temperature OR refrigerate. Shelf life for capsules is two years.

Refrigeration Latero-Flora has bacillus bacteria which is a spore bearing. This means it is encapsulated so that the Latero-Flora will make it through the stomach acid into the gut. There it sets up colonies in the gut. Every 32 minutes the spores colonize. Bacteria like Acidophilus and other forms of probiotic are live so they do require refrigeration. Think of yogurt which has acidophilus it is always cold. For this reason Latero-Flora does not need to be refrigerated.

It is with regret that we are unable to share with you more information about this product. Various EU legislation forbids us (and all other food business operators) from claiming that these products can offer any possible health benefits. Many of our customers already know about these foods, and come back to us time and time again for their favourite items. We ask customers new and old to do your own research, and to trust Raw Living to provide you and your nearest and dearest with the best quality products at the lowest prices. Thank you for your understanding.


Latero-Flora™ can help maintain a healthy colon and will help populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria, thus enhancing the immune system, and in general help in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

1) Do not ingest any form of refined sugar or fermented foods including yogurt and cheese. You may have the following fruits: Granny Smith Apple, Berries of all kinds. Eat 1 clove of garlic every day.

2) Supplement with Latero-Flora as recommended.

3) Take a plant enzyme formula with each meal. Enzymes help to chew the food up and thus leave less for the yeast to thrive on.

4) Practice food combining for your diet. Food combining is designed to help your food move quickly through your system without any chance of fermentation which, in turn, will greatly improve your digestion process.

5) Take some kind of colon cleanse before bed to facilitate the removal of the dead yeast from your body. This can protect you from experiencing a healing crisis from the toxins given off from the yeast. Plus as an added benefit it will keep the colon clean and provide an oxygenated environment. Yeast thrives in an anaerobic environment.

6) Consider using a good quality colloidal silver such as Quantum Silver from Global Healing Center, Inc.

7) Oregano Oil SS (Global Healing Center, Inc.) may be helpful in controlling Candida.

Remember that it can take months to get yeast under control. Continue on your diet and supplements. Drink at least 64 ounces daily of clean pure water. Consider lymphatic drainage techniques to keep the lymph system moving.

"Bacillus latereosporus BOD has a major impact on restoring the normal intestinal flora by eliminating the overgrowth of Candida". Serafina Corsello, M.D. in "Bacillus Laterosporus BOD" The Revolutionary New Natural Approach to Control Candida and Yeast Infections

"A scientist describes Bacillus Laterosporus BOD as a live organism which punctures the cell membrane of bacteria and fungi, consuming them "phagocytically (eating and digesting)." Gregory O.M.D. in "A Holistic Protocol for The Immune System"

"Latero Flora™ has shown significant effectiveness in improving and, in many cases, eliminating gastrointestinal symptoms and food sensitivities while enhancing the patient's digestive capacities....I am convinced that Latero FloraTM will play a very important role in fighting the scourge of this century - the suppression of our immune system." Dr. Luc De Schepper's report in the Townsend Letter for Doctors

Below is an edited extract from an Interview with Simply Divine Botanicals founder, Barbara Rogers, from 2015.

"I was always attracted to natural foods and products even when Health Food stores were far and few. When I was 40 (I am 65 now) I had a small health issue and sought natural healing. The moment I walked in the door to the office of an old fashioned herbalist with shelves filled with homemade tinctures and teas I was hooked. I immediately closed the business I had, and went all in on learning everything I could about natural healing.

One day while getting a manicure I overheard the woman next to me talking about her dying husband who had been all over the US seeking help. A voice in my head said it was parasites so I leaned over and told her what I thought. She made an appointment and two weeks later his health was restored and he was sending his friends who were then sending their friends. David Wolfe had just published his first book on raw food, it spoke to me and I contacted him. I started including raw food into the program I used with my clients and quickly saw impressive results. By this time I had a strong client base of more than 10,000 clients and decided there needed to be a raw food café where people could experience the benefits of raw food. One year later, I opened the first Raw Food café in Las Vegas and a few months after that we were in Vogue magazine.

When I took my idea of chemical-free products to several labs that made conventional skincare, I was told I must use chemical emulsifiers and preservatives. I could not accept this as truth, so one night I prayed for an answer. The next night I was sitting in bed writing  and the first formula starting writing itself. The next day I purchased the ingredients and made Creme de Rose in my kitchen. After that the formulas kept coming hence the name Simply Divine. None of the formulas were created in a lab, I was in my pajamas in my bed. Essential oils are the preservative.

As far as Spirituality: After learning herbs I began studying Metaphysics and the huge part the mind plays in illness and in healing and I became very good at manifesting. We are mini creators made of The Creator. Being raised in a few religious institutions pushed me away from God and Metaphysics brought me back. Florence Shinn’s book The Game of Life written in the 1920’s made the biggest impact on me, and I still read a few lines from her books several times a week. Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell and Spirituality is for those who have already been there. I read that someplace. About 4 years ago I started practicing Agnihotra, and I jumped to a whole new place. I currently live in the El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico where I have a retreat centre, Casa Picaflores, and support Organic Farming.

I hope my story will inspire others not to be limited by their past or even their present. We truly are limited ONLY by our  false beliefs. I am not special in anyway, if one can do it all can do it.  We all have our gifts and our gaps but no one is greater than another.

Follow your heart. You will never go wrong and doors will open and assistance will be provided. We are living in interesting times. Fear feeds the dark and keeps you from your good and the good you can do for others. Be FEARLESS!"

Bacillus Laterosporus (BOD strain) 70 mcg, Rice flour, magnesium stearate.

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