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Raw Magic

Do you want to feel more amazing than you previously thought possible? Do you want to have more fun with your food than you've ever had before?

How would it be to eat the most divine tasting dishes at every meal, gourmet food fit for kings and queens? How would it be if this was made with the most incredibly nutritious fruits and vegetables available on the planet?

This is the food of the gods, this is the food to turn us into superbeings who save humanity from disaster in a tidal wave of love and positivity.

Raw Magic is Kate's third recipe book. But this is far from any ordinary recipe book, indeed, the world has never seen anything like it before. The book is divided into three sections: the first is Kate's Raw Magic philosophy - how cleansing and detoxing with raw foods, superfoods and other holistic health tools, assists us into tuning into our divine intelligence and enter a new paradigm where everything is possible, and achieving the miraculous is a daily practice. This is not some far-off, lofty ideal which takes decades of studying on mountain tops, this is a reality which is available to us right here and now when we choose to access it, and the more we follow this path, the easier and simpler it becomes. The second section is a comprehensive guide to all the major superfoods, and some less commonly known ones - goji berries, cacao, maca, bee pollen, algae, sea vegetables, coconut, hemp, wheatgrass and more. This section contains in-depth nutrional information as well as an easy to grasp overview of the main characteristics of each food.

Thirdly, and most excitingly, are the 160 recipes, each one crammed with superfoods to get you overflowing with joy and vitality. Divided into seven sections: dips and dressings, savouries, salads and soups, puddings, cakes and biscuits, chocolate, and drinks, and including such delights as Many Ways Mayonnaise, Super Sexy Curry, Call The Police Pudding - so good it should be illegal, It Just Gets Better Biscuits and Pollen put the Kettle On. Each recipe is clearly laid-out and easy to follow, and accompanied by stunning full colour photography. This really is food as art. This is food of the heart.

Warning: daily use of this book will cause you to surrender to the divine love that flows through us all and take you on new paths of discovery and wonder.

An Extract

There are some foods that have the power to change your life. There are certain foods that when you eat them, your body is in heaven, your cells start singing, your mind becomes ecstatic. "Yes," they cry in unison, "Yes, these are the foods that I have been waiting for. These are the foods that I have been craving, that my body has been missing my whole life." Sometimes, it is a particular nutrient you have been lacking. But more often with these foods it is their synergistic properties. They have a magical energy which comes not only from the nutritional combination they contain, but from the way they are grown, the lands they are from, their history. Many of them are sacred plants in their countries of origin.

There are many amazing foods I have omitted from this book, foods that are more commonly recognised as superfoods: vegetables like broccoli, kale and cucumbers, fruits like cranberries, blueberries and grapefruit, sprouts like lentils, sunflower or alfalfa. I was tempted to include avocadoes and olives, buckwheat and oats, all foods I eat on a daily basis. But these are foods that most of us are familiar with, and if you are not then there are plenty of books out there that do cover them. This book is about the new breed of superfoods which are unique to the West in the 21st century. Never before have we had access to such a wide variety of plant foods. Some of them we are accustomed to in different forms, like cacao; others have been around for a few decades now, like Spirulina; some are widely known in their country of origin, but novel to the UK, like goji berries; and some others are utterly brand new to us, like purple corn. When I was a child, avocadoes and kiwis were considered exotic, now they are standard fare in every shopping basket. I believe that such is the potency and vitality of the foods in this book that as people catch on to them, they are going to revolutionise the way we eat, shop and live.

These foods are transformative foods. By eating such high potency foods they change the very nature of our reality. They affect our consciousness and raise our energetic level to a degree that has profound implications on all areas of our lives. It is not possible to eat these foods on a daily basis and not feel altered. We live in a culture which is intrinsically false; fuelled on junk food, media lies, false gods and political whores, we have forgotten how to be our true selves. These foods help us realign, connect with who we really are, and tune into our higher selves. It becomes increasingly harder not to live in our power when we eat this way, and this can be a hard adjustment to make in a world where the individual is fundamentally disempowered. Revealing our inner core is usually painful, as we let the masks of self-deception slip away, we have to let go of people and life situations which have been holding us back and preventing us being fully who we are. It is a scary thing to do, to step into our truth and reclaim our birthright when we have been taught our whole lives to avoid truth at all costs, to keep up the facades and not rock the boat. But the more of us who make these choices, the easier it becomes. And the more we attract into our lives people who have made the same choices and appreciate us for who we honestly are.

Rocking the boat is what we are here to do! Isn't it exciting and exhilarating when you stand up for what you truly believe in? Our time has come, and the old ways are not working anymore. Paradigms are crumbling and new ones are rising in their place. As we understand eternal truths, we see the world for what it is, and understand how desperately things need to change. We align with our higher purpose, the divine intelligence, and see what our life's path is. What mission have we been given? What is our role here at this time? It is to wake the world up, to guide humanity through the massive shifts and changes that are taking place. And of course, that starts with ourselves. We must awaken ourselves, and we must keep the balance between being fully awake i.e. masters of our own reality, knowing that we create everything with our own energy, taking full responsibility for our lives as a manifestation of our own inner state of being; and between being of service, helping to awaken the sleeping masses, and doing everything we can to help people through these times. And you know what the best part is? It's fun. Believe it or not, the universe actually wants us to be happy, it doesn't want us to suffer. And the more we work with the universe, the happier we become, the less we suffer.

What You Say

“All the recipes I have tried so far taste very, very good. I have really enjoyed making them as they are sooo easy. The photos are colourful and bright and I really love the little bits of wisdom thrown in. I feel energised eating these superfood recipes and I cannot believe that she has devised recipes that contain spirullina that actually taste nice! She does recommend using an expensive high powered blender but I have found that my cheap little compact food processor works just as well. My favourite recipe so far is the cacao pasta tastes divine!!” Katy Fairy, London

“I bought this book a few months ago and it has really taught me about what to do with all those superfoods in my cupboards! I now know what i should be using and when and which superfoods work well together. I also really like the fact that Kate talks about other ingredients which are in some cases not strictly raw (seaweed), but add nutrients, texture and flavour to dishes...hmmmmm....nutritional yeast, yum! Lovely pictures too, a marvelous book indeed.” Rosemary Hudson, London

“This delightful book is worth every penny and has as many recipes as there is photos. It is a technicolour filled extravaganza containing an incredible amount of mouth watering recipes which boast the most unusual combination of foods - no other book I've come across has meals which are so nutritious yet so tasty!” Chris Mcauley, Brighton

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