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Kate's Books

Signed copies of all three books are available exclusively here.

Eat Smart, Eat Raw

Kate’s first book, the most simple and accessible raw food recipe book. Updated and republished in June 2013. These recipes contain ingredients you will be largely familiar with already, and can find in most supermarkets and health food stores. Most recipes take around 15 mins to prepare, and don't need any special equipment, just a standard blender and food processor. Illustrated in full colour.

  • Published in the UK by Grub Street (2002 & 2013)
  • Published in Australia by Hardie Grant (2004)
  • Published in France as Certains L'aiment Cru by Terre Vivante (2005)
  • Published in USA & Canada by Square One (2006)

"This is a book that you will come back to again and again for straight-forward, reliable recipes, easy to find British ingredients. You could pick up this book knowing nothing about raw foods and be off and running within a couple of days - understanding why you're doing it and feeling all the better for it. If you are on a budget, I would say this is the only book you would need to buy for quite some time. Well done Kate for keeping it simple." M Richardson

Raw Living

Kate’s second book, the recipes are still easy to follow and simple to make, but more suitable for someone who has been doing raw foods for a few years, and is more familiar with all the ingredients and equipment we use. Most recipes take around 15-20 mins to prepare, and use ingredients you will easily pick up in a health food store. A significant proportion of the recipes require the use of a dehydrator and/or high power blender.

  • Published in the UK by Grub Street in 2007
  • Published in the USA by Basic Health Publications in 2008
  • Published in French as Cru by Modus Vivendi 2010

"Having enjoyed raw foods on and off for at least 15 years, I decided to treat myself to this book, having read good reviews on it already. It's great. In a nutshell, the recipes hit the spot, are easy to make. I have tried out quite a few recipes already and they are delicious. I love Kate's no nonsense take on raw food, she knows what she is on about." Amazon reviewer

Raw Magic

Kate’s third book is a superfood recipe book, on how to use ingredients such as cacao, maca, hemp and sea vegetables in your daily meals. It was originally published in 2008, but went out of print in 2011 until it was taken on by Process Media, and a new updated version was brought out in 2012. Original edition copies go for a fortune on Amazon!

  • Published by Process Media 2012.

This book is for those who want to explore the world of superfoods. Although naturally all the recipes are raw, they all contain superfoods and expect that you have some prior knowledge of raw cuisine. Many require a high power blender, and there are quite a few dehydrator recipes as well.

Please do not buy this book and complain that it has too many superfoods in. Getting superfoods in in as many ways as possible is the purpose of this book. 

"This delightful book is worth every penny and has as many recipes as there is photos. It is a technicolour filled extravaganza containing an incredible amount of mouth-watering recipes which boast the most unusual combination of foods - no other book I've come across has meals which are so nutritious yet so tasty!" Chris Mcauley







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