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Here is an extract from a moving letter from Kate James.


I just wanted to say, a big enormous thank you. I read your superfood article in Juno magazine what seems like a long time ago now. My daughter Grace had just been diagnosed with leukemia when she was only one year old. Your passion and belief in the healing powers of raw foods and superfoods really inspired me and helped me along the way in learning how to best help Grace through nutrition.

Reading that article in Juno magazine was most certainly a pivotal moment for me. It opened my mind to a whole area of nutrition I knew so very little about. As ever your gentle, open and pragmatic words provided a solid foundation for discovery. Superfoods and live nutrition have such deep healing, rebalancing, and revitalising power which goes far beyond meeting our RDA's of this and that.

They penetrate to our very core, they change our vibrational energy fields and help us to reach higher levels of consciousness. These effects are even more profound in little beings with their wide open energy fields and huge potential for growth.
If only they'd taught us about this at medical school!

My daughter Grace finished treatment about 18 months ago and continues to grow into the most incredible little girl on so many levels. So strong, so bright, so intuitive and brimming with love for everyone and everything around her. We call her amazing Grace! Her progress and healing was phenomenal and such a steep learning curve for us all.

Yesterday was her nursery sports day and she won the girls running race. In fine form after a breakfast of raspberries, puffed brown rice, a little biodynamic raw goats milk, AFA algae (she never misses a day),bee pollen, lecithin and hemp oil.

Her big brother Edward (aged 6), I have to mention as well; he won his running, skipping and sack race. And Theo her little brother had to be restrained at times to keep him off the track!

I have to mention them all because they are all amazing little ones!
Live, biodynamic food for kids works. It is, along with buckets of love, by far the most important thing as a parent you can ever provide to help your child to thrive, never more so than if they become unwell.

I always struggle to find the words to truly articulate my gratitude to Kate.

Dr.Kate James

Integrative medicine from a GP, offering programmes that combine holistic therapies with conventional cancer treatments.
Currently full time mum to Edward 6, Grace 4 and Theo 2 .

Previously an A and E doctor.

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