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Dear Kate Magic,

 I want you to read this email because I want you to know how amazing you are, and how much you have inspired me. I'm 19 years old and i came to your last book launch on my own and i also came to your talk at the Festival of Life, I was sitting right at the front! Im very interested in raw foods and want to study naturopathy at the CNM in brighton soon :)

Your "raw Magic" book has just been wonders for my life!! Yes, its created so much magic within me, unbelievable. But its also your "Raw Magic Philosophy" that inspires me the most, its just so unique, theres no one else out there that has a book like it, i love everthing you have to say about the world and your philosphies, and how you turn words and ordinary things into magical words like "Cacaomas" and "chocolate fairy dust"....and also how you've inspired me to do magical things like sit in a bath full of flowers and eat chocolate off a bed of rose petals and drink rainbow smoothies out of champange flutes and eat choclate bread with gratitude etc etc...... you have inspired me so much to not only EAT magically, but to THINK magically, in countless ways !!!!!!!!! :)

I understand you so much and where your coming from. I agree with all your philosophies and alternative ways of thinking. It just comes from within me. i know this way of living is the truth. if only everyone else belived it too!!! thankyou for being out there and helping others to live in their truth! x

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