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  • New Sizes of Raw Living Teeas

    We produce four varieties of loose leaf tea in our Raw Living Kitchen. Infiniteea, is a refreshing blend of lemon and the Ayurvedic herb ashwaganda. Eterniteea, is a Chinese medicinal blend using some of their most well-revered herbs: reishi, fo-ti, schizandra and goji. Feminiteea contains herbs celebrated for centuries for their positive impact on women's health and well-being: shatavari, raspberry leaf, damiana and rose. Finally, Clariteea contains gingko and moringa, another two herbs that have a well-respected and established tradition of usage.

    Due to draconian EU regulations, we are unable to tell you anything more specific about these herbs, but a simple Google search will reveal endless information and testimonials as to their efficacy.

    The good news is that they are now available in smaller sizes! All four teas are now available to purchase for under a fiver. Don't be scared of loose leaf teas! You are going to get a lot more of the benefits of the herbs by consuming them this way than you are once they have been powdered and packaged into tea bags. They are easy to prepare using a simple cafetiere. Just pour on hot water, brew for five minutes, and voila! A deep, wholesome, flavourful drink that it's doing you more good than you could imagine.

    Try them and let us know your favourite!

  • Embrace Your Feminini-tea


    Raw Living's new tea blend, Feminini-tea is a beautiful blend of nourishing and tonic herbs specifically designed to support women's wellbeing.


    The taste is smooth, nurturing and refreshing with rose buds adding a fragrant note which blends beautifully with the greener taste of raspberry leaf, the sweetness of gojis and the earthiness of shatavari.

    Medicinally this is also a well balanced formula with more astringent, tonifying herbs like raspberry and rose mixed with moister ones like the berries and roots.

    It is designed to support women's health and all the herbs included have a long history of use for women in the folk medicines of the world. They can all can be safely used for men too however so you can happily share your teapot with your male friend or beloved, unless you would rather keep it all to yourself that is! Goji and damiana especially have been used for male health and damiana and shatavari are thought to boost libido in both men and women.

    In Ayurvedic medicine Shatavari is considered probably the best all round tonic for women which can help balance hormones and improve energy levels. Raspberry leaf meanwhile has a long history of use in Western herbal medicine for helping to tonify the female organs as well as being rich in vitamins and minerals. And what praise we could heap upon rose! Wonderful for everyone this cooling, refreshing and heart opening herb has many gifts to offer us.

    All in all I enjoy this tea immensely and it can be drunk regularly for its supportive and balancing properties though it is probably best avoided in the first months of pregnancy. Make sure you leave it to infuse in a tea pot or cafetiere for about 15 mins before drinking to ensure the benefits of the herbs are extracted. This is especially important as the formula contains roots which are tougher to extract and you can top up the pot several times before discarding the herbs to ensure you have utilised all the goodies.

    Now, time to put the kettle on I think.

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