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  • Sacred Sage Smokeless Mist by Medicine Flower

    Sacred Sage Smokeless Mist Spray

    This spray is made by the same company who produce the incredibly popular Medicine Flower Extracts, so I knew it was going to be a premium product from the off. But I first imagined  it was simply a nice-smelling room spray.  Although I was never a fan of those artificial commercial air freshener aerosols, the idea of a pleasant room spray that is non-toxic appeals to me.  But I’m so impressed with this product because I find it does so much more than just make a nice smell – it functions as a kind of energy medicine that you breathe in.

    First thing you notice is it smells pleasant in a very natural way, like a walk through the woods.  It’s not at all artificial or overpowering.  But I soon noticed that it also completely neutralizes bad smells with great efficiency.  I guess Febr*ze does the same thing only the makers of that probably use all sorts of stuff you don’t want to be breathing in.  I have tested Sacred Sage mist on a very smelly bathroom and found one spray was enough to get rid of the pong.  I’m not sure if the people at Medicine Flower intended it to be used for such a lowly function, but if it works, I’ll use it!

    The third level this spray works at is a little harder to describe without sounding a little "out there".  Let’s say, it helps to calm my mind when I try to meditate - I say try, ‘cos I’m still total rubbish, but this stuff helps.  It doesn’t surprise me to learn that the Native Americans have used sage and cedar for hundreds of years to prepare a space for sacred rituals.  The spray does seem to have a clearing effect on an energetic level.  This is something I only dimly perceive as yet. I imagine others may find it more obvious.  Certainly this spray mist is intended for use to purify a space for ritual or healing purposes and is an easy and pleasant way to achieve this aim, a lot more convenient than setting fire to a bunch of leaves and wafting them about.  So whether you want to meditate, heal or just breathe easy in the bathroom, have a go with Sacred Sage mist and relax…

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