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  • Superfood Recipes on The Secret blog

    Do you love to eat healthily but are bored with steaming broccoli? Are you wanting to discover more superfoods and how to make them taste delicious? We caught up with raw food guru Kate Magic, who has several amazing cookbooks under her belt. She has shared some of her favourite recipes for detoxing and spicing up your healthy eating regime.

    Superfood Guru Kate Magic Shows us How to Eat Healthily

  • Chia for Athletes

    Chia seeds

    Here's a great article on chia which recently appeared in a Triathlon magazine. Chia is one of the best foods for athletes who want to improve their energy levels. We also recommend maca and MSM for those doing lots of physical exercise or manual labour.

    Click on the link below to see a scan of the article.

    Chia article

  • My Nutritional Makeover

    Calling Miss Magic

    Kate offered me a nutritional make over and I jumped with excitement.  Recently I have been feeling very tired and lethargic and really needing that something extra. Looking after my lil man is hard work as well as running a business and trying to do two what seems like full courses, all on the run.  I think my inner battery has been a bit low and although I do lots of exercise, probably too much actually, and eat well, the strain on my adrenals was high due to my heavy workload.  Kate’s consult was synchronicity indeed.

    Kate has such a friendly style and a real be good to yourself attitude.  She said to me, “Listen to your body, take it out of the head and into the body to heal,” when talking about trying to be perfect and a good 100% raw fooder.  We discussed that you need to listen to your body and if your body wants chips, then buy good organic potatoes and make some chips.  Denial is not the key to sustaining a healthy diet or lifestyle whatever your choice of food is!

    As a fitness consultant I am a very physical person, I NEED to do a couple of hours exercise a day!  As such my energy intake is very high, my body needs more calories to get me through than someone whom is quite sedentary in their day to day life.  As such we discussed how I can achieve that high energy raw styleee.

    Kate suggested taking chlorella after my workouts as well as greener grass and Spirulina, about one tablespoon of a mix of all.  It was suggested that I could make some flax crackers which are very grounding and mix the powders into some avocados, by the way of which I should consume two a day of.

    Two amazing superfoods for sustaining such a lifestyle are:  Chia and Maca.  Chia for the amazing hydrating benefits but also for the fat content, and the Omega 3’s which are very bio-available in Chia.  Maca is great for energy, hormones and strength building.  Burning fat is a good source of fuel for the body especially if your energy needs are high and one of the best sources is coconut butter.  Don’t forget about the Seagreens as they are the most mineral rich food on the planet due to the sea bed still so rich in minerals.  Kelp being the best source of the sea vegetables and extremely cheap to buy – bonus!

    Kate was very supportive, and for me whom has been on-off  raw for over two years now I had loads of information to think about and implement in my diet.  Kate also reminded me of things I had forgotten to do, love myself and those naughty parts of me as they can run and hide but they always come home!  You can hear my interview with Kate on the Magic Bubble for the full low down.

    Peace out!

  • Macanilla Cookies

    Since my last post on vanilla the days have grown cooler and wetter and my thoughts have been turning more and more to nourishing foods that will build us up before winter comes. I've made these lovely and very simple cookies a couple of times which are perfect for eating around the fire with a steaming cup of Raw Living's Eterniteea tea blend or some hot ginger with a splash of elderberry syrup. I love oats as a nourishing food for the nervous system and was thrilled when Raw Living started selling the raw groats and rolled oats as they're hard to find elsewhere. As a root, Maca is grounding and nourishing and particularly beneficial at this time of year, while vanilla is warming and comforting so they make a good combo.

    1 cup raw rolled oats (soaked 2 hours) OR just sprouted raw oat groats (don't leave too long or they wont taste as nice)
    4 fresh dates (less if they are the bigger medjool variety)
    1 tablespoon raw almond butter
    2 tsps maca
    1 tsp vanilla powder
    pinch crystal salt

    Mix all ingredients in a food processor then take out a spoonful of the dough, roll into balls and press on a dehydrator tray. Dehydrate at 105 for 8 hours, then flip and continue for another 5 or 6. I make them quite thick as I like them moist inside but you could make them thinner for a crisper biscuit.

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