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  • Living Libations Poetic Pits Deodorant

    Poetic Pits

    For me, it has proven nearly impossible to find a deodorant that uses completely non-toxic ingredients and also actually works.  There hasn’t been a single one I’ve tried that has been completely effective at banishing odour.  In my mission to find one, I decided to invest in the Living Libations deodorant because it gets very good reviews and is made of absolute tip-top quality essential oils (hence the price).  It comes in a tiny bottle that doesn’t look like it will last five minutes, but you don’t need much – just a quick stroke with the little roller applicator.  My verdict?  It’s effective in most situations so I’d rate it the best I have tried so far.

    I tried the lavender one.  It’s not completely infallible; there were at least two occasions when I detected a sweaty smell after a long day.  But to be fair, I am a tough challenge for any deodorant at the moment as I’m going through a period of deep cleansing and a lot of toxic gunk is coming out through my skin.  I am also doing intermittent fasting which means I am in ketosis some of the time, which is notorious for making a person pong.  I would expect that someone who is either cleaner than me or who just isn’t emitting waste through the skin would find this product more than capable of keeping their pits sweet-smelling.  Also, the days I did feel less than fresh were both hot humid days when I was doing something that made me sweat with nerves because I was meeting people, so definitely a tough test for this deodorant.  The funny thing I noticed was that when I undressed at the end of the day, my actual underarm area smelled fine – it was the clothes that had a slightly sweaty odour.  They were man-made fabrics because I had to be dressed up, and that may have been a factor.

    My overall rating of Poetic Pits is 8/10 because it smells good, the ingredients are of exceptional quality, and it works well under most normal circumstances.

  • Submerge Yourself

    Submerge Bath Salts

    Submerge is one of a new range of beautiful bath salts from the magical emporium that is Raw Living.

    Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess who was tired from a long day navigating the perils of consensus reality. She decided a bath would be just the thing to relax and revive her and smooth her aura back to brightness. She thought she would try a new bathing creation from the talented alchemist Miss Magic, and what a treat was in store!


    Submerge is more of an 'experience' than a bath. Incredibly soothing, yet deeply magical it inspires visions and clarity whilst you lay back in a pool of purple enchantment. It promoted a deep night's sleep but still left me feeling clearer and more present. Simply beautiful!

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