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  • Dream. Dream dreeeeam cream.

    Alpha Dream Dragon Cream

    For a long time I was an avid user and proponent of a certain high-street cosmetics chain which prides itself on being luscious. I had a bad experience with them though, and while my remaining supply of face cream has been running lower and lower I’ve been searching for a replacement which is just as ethical, cheap, effective, and toxin-free – no mean feat, I have to say!

    So with that in mind, I have to say that the Alpha Dream Dragon Cream is, well, an absolute dream. It’s completely vegan and not animal tested; the ingredients are all-natural in the truest sense of the word – not a chemical in sight, the ingredients can actually almost all be found in my food cupboard with the exception of the essential oils; and it’s more effective by far than what I was using before; and it works out cheaper than the old! Can’t say fairer than that.

    So what’s it actually like then? First impressions are that the jar is small, and that’s true, but it’s packed full of great things, and a little of this stuff goes a long way. I’ve been using it every day for over a week now and you can barely tell it’s been used at all. The smell is amazing – cacao butter central – but not overpowering and once it’s been on for a minute the smell is gone, which is great if you’re using other scents or you don’t want to smell like a chocolate bar all day. Going on it feels quite greasy and at first that can be off-putting, but it sinks in very quickly and leaves no shiny residue all over your face, which is brilliant. The hemp oil with its Omega oils is great for your skin, especially dry skin, and the MSM provides sulphur which most people are severely lacking in – feeding your skin from the outside, essentially!

    I have to say I’m very, very impressed overall with this cream, it will definitely be a bathroom cabinet staple from now on!

  • enter the dragon!

    Alpha Dream Dragon Cream

    This is a first!  Reviewing a product for men!  Luckily I have a husband of the male variety that tested the brand new Alpha Dream Dragon Cream on my behalf...

    Let me begin by saying that my other half is a man of very few words so this was going to be somewhat of a challenge.  However, I'm pleased to say it wasn't as hard as blood out of a stone as I thought it might be.

    'The husband', as I lovingly refer to him, has only recently started to shy away from conventional chemical-laden products.  Not that he uses that many.  I think he wants me to be clear he's no metro-sexual with umpteen products to primp and preen.  Nope, he's a real man's man, one product to wash (body and hair), one to moisturise.  However, after a bit of harping on by moi he has opted for more natural products and so was a bit more open to trying out Kate's latest spa sensation.

    Dragon Cream is very reminiscent of its female counterpart (the sparkley and amazing Alpha Dream Supreme Cream which I LOVE) and has many similar ingredients to include cacao butter, coconut butter, shea butter, hemp oil, Aloe with MSM, Klamath Lake blue-green algae, frankincense oil, cedarwood oil, ginger oil, mandarin oil.

    Ok so from what I can obtain from the husband here are his my words...thankfully!

    The cream has a nice texture, really easy to put on and blends in well.  The smell is not as overpowering as the other creams he has used in the past.  A little goes a long way and is absorbed quickly so you don't walk about with a big sheen on your face (not Charlie Sheen).  Also it leaves your face nicely moisturised.

    So there you have it.  Now confession time.  When I saw how nice his skin was looking on the cream I stole some.  He caught me though, the big finger scoop mark kinda gave it away.  But the best news is that you can share and share alike.  That's what marriage is all about right?


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