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  • Alpha Dream Angel Cream

    Alpha Dream Angel Cream

    As a woman I have spent the last 16 years buying and using moisturiser on my face.  I have gone through the younger years of buying commercial face products that are very cheap, full of chemicals and do nothing beneficial for your skin at all!  Then during my 20’s I fell into the more expensive ‘luxurious’ range.  The range which is really expensive and makes you feel, “It must be good for me,” because it is so expensive.  They tell you it has natural ingredients and it will tone, tighten, and clean your skin leaving it so soft, so radiant and ten years younger.   Unfortunately I fell for this con and spent lots of money and time with these products.

    When I was pregnant with my little boy I decided not to use any chemicals at all!  In the house, in my food or on my skin.  I watched a programme which warned about how many chemicals our skin comes into contact with daily, due to the dangerous chemical content in our products etc.  This shocked me and turned my life around.

    I went to the local health supermarket, Infinity foods in Brighton, and bought out the shop – much to my finances' horror!  Amongst them I bought face products.  I won’t mention the much loved brand which I bought, but it made my skin dry, and the peach kernel for the scrub got in my eye I ended up in A&E with a scratched lense!  I never used that brand again.

    When Kate asked me to try out her new skin care range I was very excited.  I bought the pot into my massage course and showed my colleagues, who were all hooked instantly.  Luckily we were learning how to do facials so I had an amazing chocolately flowery ALL natural facial and massage – bliss!

    Alpha Dream is a rich, dark, smooth smell with healing properties of aloe, MSM, hemp oil, cacao, coconut butter, jasmine essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, clary sage essential oil, may chang oil and monoi de Tahiti.  All of which give relaxation and true cell regeneration.  MSM softens and heals the skin and the essential oils provide stillness of the mind.

    This is a moisturiser which I will always have, I love it!

    by Emma Gill

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