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  • enter the dragon!

    Alpha Dream Dragon Cream

    This is a first!  Reviewing a product for men!  Luckily I have a husband of the male variety that tested the brand new Alpha Dream Dragon Cream on my behalf...

    Let me begin by saying that my other half is a man of very few words so this was going to be somewhat of a challenge.  However, I'm pleased to say it wasn't as hard as blood out of a stone as I thought it might be.

    'The husband', as I lovingly refer to him, has only recently started to shy away from conventional chemical-laden products.  Not that he uses that many.  I think he wants me to be clear he's no metro-sexual with umpteen products to primp and preen.  Nope, he's a real man's man, one product to wash (body and hair), one to moisturise.  However, after a bit of harping on by moi he has opted for more natural products and so was a bit more open to trying out Kate's latest spa sensation.

    Dragon Cream is very reminiscent of its female counterpart (the sparkley and amazing Alpha Dream Supreme Cream which I LOVE) and has many similar ingredients to include cacao butter, coconut butter, shea butter, hemp oil, Aloe with MSM, Klamath Lake blue-green algae, frankincense oil, cedarwood oil, ginger oil, mandarin oil.

    Ok so from what I can obtain from the husband here are his my words...thankfully!

    The cream has a nice texture, really easy to put on and blends in well.  The smell is not as overpowering as the other creams he has used in the past.  A little goes a long way and is absorbed quickly so you don't walk about with a big sheen on your face (not Charlie Sheen).  Also it leaves your face nicely moisturised.

    So there you have it.  Now confession time.  When I saw how nice his skin was looking on the cream I stole some.  He caught me though, the big finger scoop mark kinda gave it away.  But the best news is that you can share and share alike.  That's what marriage is all about right?


  • The Alpha and the OH-MEGA

    Alpha Dream Supreme Cream

    I am such a huge lover of Alpha Dream Supreme Cream, do you know why?

    Well, not only does it have some of the most gorgeous ingredients ever which include cacao butter (everybody loves cacao right?), coconut butter (best skincare ingredient on the planet), monoi de Tahiti (hydrating and protecting), hemp oil, aloe, MSM, rose oil and lavender oil, it also has GLITTER.

    I don't know about you but my day just doesn't go the same unless I've got a bit of glitter going on.  Glitter has been scientifically proven to make your day an extra 80% happier, 47% more likely to put you in your flow and 296% more likely to make you fall in love with everyone and everything you come in to contact with.*

    Seriously though, this cream is really super.  It melts beautifully on to your face/body (I put it everywhere), smells absolutely divine and does make you sparkle!  I love it!


    *4 million women tested agreed

  • Submerge Yourself

    Submerge Bath Salts

    Submerge is one of a new range of beautiful bath salts from the magical emporium that is Raw Living.

    Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess who was tired from a long day navigating the perils of consensus reality. She decided a bath would be just the thing to relax and revive her and smooth her aura back to brightness. She thought she would try a new bathing creation from the talented alchemist Miss Magic, and what a treat was in store!


    Submerge is more of an 'experience' than a bath. Incredibly soothing, yet deeply magical it inspires visions and clarity whilst you lay back in a pool of purple enchantment. It promoted a deep night's sleep but still left me feeling clearer and more present. Simply beautiful!

  • hi bath time


    Last night I tried and tested the sumptuous hi bath bar, cos it was hi time for a hi bath!

    The website says: You are beautiful. You are loved. You are pampered…Our bath bar contains all the finest ingredients for a bath straight from heaven.

    When I opened the packet I immediately wanted to eat the bath melt.  That’s not anything to be alarmed about as the main ingredient in the bar is cacao butter – for it’s antioxident rich nature and Vitamin E.  The bar also contains clary sage essential oil to promote feelings of euphoria, and geranium for a floral scent.

    Pampered is certainly how I felt as I floated around (as much as you can float around in a medium-sized bath) immersed in rose petals and goji berries.  Kate’s idea to put gojis in this bath melt is ingenious!  The last ingredient is the purple corn which gives the water a lovely purple tinge for colour therapy!

    It does have a lovely scent and left my body lovely and soft – the way skin should feel!  The hi bath bar is very moisturising once fully melted, so much so I was able to shave my legs just with the luxurious oils in the water – too much information eh?

    For that reason I’d probably only use half the bar next time which is good because then you’re getting twice the value for your money!  The bar is very reasonably priced at £3.95 for 40g which is what you’d pay in somewhere like Lush for one of their bars but this one has all the benefits of raw, 100% natural ingredients and NO nasties!!

    A word of warning though: be very careful to make sure you clean the bath properly after using it.  The last thing you’d want is your husband getting in for a shower and falling arse over tit…or maybe you would like that

  • Last Night Some Bath Salts Saved My Life... From A Broken Back

    Soak Bath Salts

    Well not literally a broken back, and it was a few days ago now, but I had been doing back-breaking work lifting heavy loads and pushing a fully laden sack barrow up hills all day and had four more days to go of slogging.  It was also nearly that time of the lunar month for me. When my back (which I had sustained an injury to five years) ago started to ache, I thought I wouldn’t be able to carry on with the job. I thought I would give it another day and see how I felt.

    When I got home, I looked at my bruised legs, filled the bath up and poured in a cup full of Soak bath salts.  They contain Epsom salts plus essential oil of orange and geranium and Abund Essence (nice touch) as well as goji berries (which you have to catch when you pull the plug hole so they don’t block up the pipes!) Also Camu Camu powder for a shot of vitamin C to the skin, and flax oil.  All in all I felt soft and smelt delectable after my bath, but the real magic came the next morning, my bad back was just a memory. I did some pilates and yoga stretches before work. I repeated the bathing in the evening and stretching in the morning routine for the full five days of work and by the last day of work felt like I could have carried on forever.  Lesson learned; I will never underestimate the power of the bath salt again.

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