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Raw Snacks

  • Raw Living Sunseeds Review

    Read the review of our Sunseeds from the good folks at Foods Matter.They go great with beer apparently!

    Click here to read the Sunseeds review. 

  • Dastony Stone Ground Coconut Cream

    Dastony Raw Coconut Butter

    Well, so far, I've just tried this straight out of the jar. Thought I'd have it on its own- to get a real idea of taste & consistency. WOW. This is like nothing I've had before. It's RICH, DECADENT & feels very nourishing. I could literally feel my skin getting moisturised from the inside out! I think it would make a fabulous spread for breads.... Cakes, cookies... It would also be a fantastic ingredient in cakes & chocolates. In fact, I reckon this, blended with two other ingredients alone would make a delicious & quick fudge or truffle. It's got. 'Body'. It's not just oil. The smell is overwhelming & fresh. Smooth & guaranteed to be unspoilt by heat. I'm totally won over by stone ground products these days.

    by Laura Coxeter

  • Moringa Tea & Party Honey

    Moringa tea! I'd heard Moringa was an unpleasant tasting powder- I admit to buying greens powders in the past, with the idea of adding them to drinks & never using them as I can't stand the taste. I had considered buying Moringa powder & been put off- despite being convinced by its incredible nutritional profile.
    I'm a tea- head. I drink tea all day long, especially whilst working. Moringa tea bags are so convenient. No messing around with loose leaves.
    This particular tea is infused with lemon. It is an extremely mild, refreshing taste. I topped up twice with the same bag & after drinking it for a few days~ I certainly felt a little perkier afterwards! The packaging is really great too- stylish!
    As for 'party honey'. Well- the name was enough for me. I'm a D.J, often burning the candle at both ends. This was the perfect thing to stir into my Almond milk before going to work. I'm also planning to make some kind of crispy treat with it- maybe with sprouted, dehydrated buckwheat.
    It's lovely soft honey with just the right amount of cacao, to take the edge of the sweetness. Again- great packaging. Very smart marketing. I think this would make a great gift- or a nice thing to take travelling- as a sweetener to add to things.

    review by Laura Coxeter

  • Sweet!

    I was never much of a biscuit person Pre-Raw days. That said, If I ever did buy a packet, It didn't last long...!
    These Strawberry oat Jam sandies are the best biscuits I have ever had. They arent too sweet, they have the texture of a cooked biscuit- a good crunch to them, whilst still a little crumbly, as a biscuit should be. Then, the amazingly chewy jam centre, is JUST like I remember a jammie dodger to be.
    They come in neat little packs of two, so you can ration them and not open the whole box at once. The packaging is absolutely perfect. Slick, stylish and simple. These would make a lovely gift. I, however, hid them in the bottom drawer and dipped in when I needed a cacao-free morsel to keep my sugar levels up. How dainty......
    review by Laura Coxeter
  • Raw Ecstasy Chocolate Activated Walnuts

    Chocolate Activated Walnuts
    The most telling thing I can say about these nuts is simply to point out that the bag in the picture is empty!  I was unable to help myself.  In my defence, it took me longer to take the photograph than I had planned because the camera batteries needed recharging so it wasn’t like I inhaled the whole bag in 2 minutes.  So it’s only partly that I have issues with impulse control around chocolate nuts; the rest is of it is all about these being so more-ish they should be a Class A controlled substance.
    Continue reading

  • The Kale Chips Revolution

    One of the more popular products we sell are the Inspiral Kale Chips. Currently, Inspiral produce these little tubs of goodness in four flavours - Cheesie Purple Corn, Baobab & Onion, Wasabi & Wheatgrass and Cacao & Cinnamon. They also have a new flavour on the way, Raspberry & Maca, and some more in the pipeline.

    Inspiral are currently on a mission to get kale chips, as Inspiral's founder Dom, says, "out of the health food stores and into the high streets." To do this they need to raise money for a very fancy bit of equipment which means they can produce the kale chips on an industrial scale and get them out across the nation. They also want to get them into 100% compostable packaging.

    Continue reading

  • Tea Break of the Gods with Sweet Cookies

    Sweet Gingerspice Vanilla Bean Cream Sandwich Cookies

    Take a Sweet cookie and just look at it; it is a thing of beauty.  I’ve not been one to go in for raw biscuits much because certainly the ones I have made myself have tended to turn out rather stodgy and chewy and unappealingly earnest.  But a Sweet cookie is in a class of its own.  The biscuit layers are thin and perfectly formed and the cream layer is thick and smoothly sweet with a glossy feel on the tongue.  The whole thing is delicately luxurious.  It gives you a burst of sweetness without ever being sickly; it has that clean feeling that beautiful raw foods have. Continue reading

  • The Mysterious Alchemy of Spirulina Crunchies

    Spirulina Crunchies

    These pretty little green crunchies are made of 100% raw spirulina and are 100% delicious.  Many people find straight spirulina a bit of an acquired taste but even those eating a mainstream diet find these crunchies tasty.  It’s a bit of mystery; what do they do to the spirulina to make it taste good?  I gather that it’s some sort of natural alchemy involving sun-drying strands of spirulina paste, but however they do it, I love the results.  I sprinkle these crunchies on practically everything to add sparkles of savoury tastiness to my food, similar to the way the Italians use parmesan cheese.  This photo shows them adding extra flavour to red pepper and walnut pate on a light and crispy Lebanese Cauliflower Cracker from Kate's brilliant recipe book Raw Living.

    Continue reading

  • Chocodelic Chocolate Covered Incan Berries

    Chocodelic Chocolate Covered Incan Berries

    These are delicious, I love these.  The Incan berries have a sweet lemony, tartness without being at all sour.  They are wrapped in luxuriously thick chocolate, and the combination is a sophisticated treat.  Each one is big compared to a choc-covered raisin - almost the size of a Malteser, so I find just one or two is enough to round off a meal.  For me, it's not just that they taste wonderful, but they also seem to have a happy, sunny vibe that makes me feel cheery when I eat them.  Where that comes from I don't know - maybe the people who make them are sunny-natured folk who put love into what they do.  On the packet it says 'stimulating passion' - a perfect description!  On the basis of how these taste, I want to try the other chocolate goodies in this range.  I bet the almonds are good.

    I always did like lemon and chocolate flavours together - when I ate conventional chocolates, one of my favourites was the dark chocolate lemon parfait from a well-known retail chain of chocolatiers.  I did worry that I'd feel deprived when I switched to raw, but now there are so many high-quality, delicious raw chocolate goodies on offer that make it easy to avoid being tempted by the cooked, sugary stuff.  I'm just hoping someone will come up with a raw version of my other favourite, the apricot parfait - hint!

  • Be Real-ly Outrageous on Valentine's Day

    Chocolate Dream Cream, Sacred Chocolate, and Be Real

    Valentine’s day is a wonderful excuse, if any were needed, to have a decadent feast of the greatest superfood on the planet – chocolate!  Let’s start with breakfast; how would you fancy a crunchy, chewy and delicious granola cereal smothered in a rich, thick, silky and extremely chocolatey smoothie and topped with super-sprinkles?  It’s a heavenly way to start the most romantic day of the year.

    This breakfast idea uses Raw Living ‘Be Real’ cereal which is based on crunchy buckwheaties with various good things added, depending on which variety you choose.  I’ve tried both Be Happy (goji) and Be Good (the chocolate and mulberry version).  Both are delicious eaten simply with nut mylk of course, but this recipe would a great Valentine’s breakfast treat.  I also eat it sometimes when I want to feel full up to my eyes without feeling overstuffed, then not feel hungry for hours and hours.  You can get everything you need for this recipe at Raw Living.

    Be Real-ly Outrageous

    1-2 servings of Be-Real

    1 recipe of Choc-Full Smoothie:

    • 2 T of chia seeds soaked in 1 cup water
    • 1 T cacao powder
    • 1 T carob powder
    • 1 T lucuma
    • 1 T non-gm soy lecithin
    • 1-2 T coconut butter, no need to melt
    • 1 T cashew or macadamia nuts
    • 1 T tocotrienols (optional but makes it extra creamy)
    • 1-2 T raw honey/coconut nectar or other sweetener
    • pinch pink salt (only about 1/8 t but vital!)
    • 1 T maca (to be added after initial blending)
    • 1 T bee pollen
    • Other sprinkles if desired eg cacao nibs, goji berries, chopped raw chocolate bar

    To a high speed blender, add all of the choc-full ingredients, except the maca.  If you don’t have a high speed blender, omit the cashew or macadamia nuts, and maybe use coconut milk instead to get the creaminess.  Add a little water and blend until smooth.  Add the maca and some more water (you’ll need about ¾ cup altogether but don’t use too much or the smoothie will be too runny) and blend again for 20 seconds.  Taste to check sweetening level.  Put your Be Real into one large or two smaller breakfast bowls and pour over the chocolate mixture.  Sprinkle with bee pollen and any other delicious things you have on hand, and spoon-feed to your beloved.

    For a Valentine gift, one of Sacred Chocolate’s heart-shaped raw chocolate bars would be a delight.  If you have a girlfriend who loves chocolate but hates what it does to her thighs, this gift will get you big brownie points.  Raw chocolate has none of the hip-and-thigh plumping hazards of conventional chocolate because it doesn’t contain dairy products, refined sugar and hydrogenated fats.  It DOES have all of the taste and melt-in-the-mouth qualities we love about chocolate because it IS chocolate – it’s the real thing, just without the junk.  Sacred Chocolate has all the taste and meltiness big-time, and is wrapped in pretty foil and love.  The kind I tried, ‘India Sunset’ contains cardamom, curry and saffron, unusual flavourings for chocolate but I love it.  I couldn’t taste the curry, but the flowery scent of cardamom comes through and the other flavourings give this bar of really top-quality chocolate a hint of complex, exotic flavour.  Love it, love it, love it.

    Another chocolate treat not to be missed on Valentine’s or any other time, includes Raw Living Chocolate Dream Cream.  This is a raw chocolate spread containing amazing superfoods like ashwagandha, reishi, he sho wou and gingko.  Its deep chocolate taste carries a hint of licorice and it isn’t cloyingly sweet.  It can be spread on bread, fruit, cookies or (as it says on the label) ‘a good friend.’  Come on, it is Valentine’s, after all.  In the photograph you can see I’ve plastered a healthy dollop onto raw oatmeal raisin cookies.  Dream Cream is rich, so putting this amount on a cookie makes quite a filling snack.  In raw food preparation, so many things have to be prepared fresh from scratch or thought about hours in advance for soaking that it feels like real luxury to have a jar of chocolate spread that I can just grab and smear onto whatever comes to hand for instant gratification.  Happy Valentine’s Day!




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