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Kate's Magic Bubble

  • Thank you from Dr Kate James

    I just wanted to say, a big enormous thank you. I read your superfood article in Juno magazine what seems like a long time ago now. My daughter Grace had just been diagnosed with leukemia when she was only one year old. Your passion and belief in the healing powers of raw foods and superfoods really inspired me and helped me along the way in learning how to best help Grace through nutrition.

    Reading that article in Juno magazine was most certainly a pivotal moment for me. It opened my mind to a whole area of nutrition I knew so very little about. As ever your gentle, open and pragmatic words provided a solid foundation for discovery. Superfoods and live nutrition have such deep healing, rebalancing, and revitalising power which goes far beyond meeting our RDA's of this and that.

    They penetrate to our very core, they change our vibrational energy fields and help us to reach higher levels of consciousness. These effects are even more profound in little beings with their wide open energy fields and huge potential for growth.
    If only they'd taught us about this at medical school!

    My daughter Grace finished treatment about 18 months ago and continues to grow into the most incredible little girl on so many levels. So strong, so bright, so intuitive and brimming with love for everyone and everything around her. We call her amazing Grace! Her progress and healing was phenomenal and such a steep learning curve for us all.

    Yesterday was her nursery sports day and she won the girls running race. In fine form after a breakfast of raspberries, puffed brown rice, a little biodynamic raw goats milk, AFA algae (she never misses a day),bee pollen, lecithin and hemp oil.

    Her big brother Edward (aged 6), I have to mention as well; he won his running, skipping and sack race. And Theo her little brother had to be restrained at times to keep him off the track!

    I have to mention them all because they are all amazing little ones!
    Live, biodynamic food for kids works. It is, along with buckets of love, by far the most important thing as a parent you can ever provide to help your child to thrive, never more so than if they become unwell.

    I always struggle to find the words to truly articulate my gratitude to Kate.

    Dr.Kate James 

    Integrative medicine from a GP, offering programmes that combine holistic therapies with conventional cancer treatments.
    Currently full time mum to Edward, Grace, and Theo .
    Previously an A and E doctor.

  • Raw Magic 2012 edition

    The new updated edition of Kate's superfood recipe book Raw Magic is nearly here. We will be taking pre-orders on the site very soon. For now, click the link below to view the jacket of the book and whet your appetite....

    Raw Magic_cover

  • Kate's Magic Bubble's 400th Birthday!

    I've nearly reached my 400th post! I began in November 2010 with just 12 posts and about as many members, and I committed to a minimum of two new posts a week to build Kate's Magic Bubble up into a valuable resource for people to turn to, whatever stage of raw they are on. So many of the questions people ask, and the places people get stuck, are the same, or at least very similar. My intention was to make this site a focus for people to come to and get answers to those questions and get over those stuck places, without having to invest in a full consultation or take time out to come to a class. I feel like I've grown it to that place now where whatever you're going through, you're going to be able to come here and find something that's going to inspire you and give you a helping hand on your journey.

    And it seems the Bubblers agree! These are some of the comments people have made on the Bubble just in the last few weeks.

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  • Tiny Bubbles

    Kate's Magic Bubble

    We’re all familiar with that tune, aren’t we? Vaguely at least. Once in a while though, along comes a bubble which isn’t so tiny, in fact it’s gigantic and even magical in its proportions. Have you guessed what I’m talking about yet? Of course, it’s nothing less than KATE’S MAGIC BUBBLE, the exclusive members-only site which is a bit hard to sum up.

    When you first sign into the bubble it’s a bit overwhelming – there is so much information up there that it’s really difficult to know where to begin! You should follow your interests and see what part of the ever-expanding site (updated twice a week, by the way) you end up in! If you’re there for the recipes you won’t be disappointed. After Raw Magic was released Kate resolved to not write another recipe book again but the recipes just keep on coming so this website is the end result. Divided into 14 sections the recipe part of the site is sure to have something to tickle your fancy – there’s even an entire “chapter” devoted to kale chips, paradise if you’re an addict like me. I’ve not had kale chips in a while actually... probably because I’ve not seen any kale in the shops. ANYWAY back to the point.

    Continuing on the theme of expanding already existing works, the “writings” part of the site is like a continuation to Ecstatic Beings. Kate shares her thoughts on 2011 as well as 2012, writings on the importance of sun and air bathing, and much more. If there’s something you can’t find writings on that you’d like to know more about, you can always ask Kate and she’ll get back to you on it.

    One of the most interesting features of the site is the interviews section. Here there are interviews with everyone from the seemingly ubiquitous Miss Eco Glam and raw food super star Ani Phyo to relative unknowns such as the gorgeous Boris Lauser (and I’m not just saying that because he’s my boyfriend). So for your subscription fee you’re not only getting Kate’s knowledge and recipes but you’re able to gain perspectives on raw from almost every angle as well as try guest recipes and maybe even find a new guru you resonate with. Or maybe you’ll get mega-annoyed at everyone and go join 30 Bananas a Day but that’s up to you.

    You can jump head-first into the bubble for £95 a year (around 115€), grab short-term access for £10/12€ a month or take a fleeting look through the bubble in the new offer of a £5/6€ one-time-only deal that gains you access for a week – perfect if there’s a recipe you’ve been lusting after but aren’t yet convinced or aren’t able to go for the full deal. The page really has something to offer everyone and as it’s constantly growing is sure to be a source of inspiration for a long time yet!

  • The Magic Inside The Bubble

    Kate's Magic Bubble

    Kate’s Magic Bubble is packed with great and useful information, recipes, music, discounts and interviews. Kate loves to get information out there to people which is inspiring and that educates, on not just being a raw fooder but on all aspects of life. I particularly loved Kate’s article on relationships and sexuality. Kate has included many articles which follow her life and her travels, such as her experience in a Hammam, when she travelled through Turkey, to what she eats and keeps in her kitchen cupboard. One hot topic on my mind was how to keep my little boy healthy on a raw diet and Kate’s article helped to ease my mind as well as provide me with the information needed for a happy healthy child. Kate covers topics to inform both the newbie and the experienced raw fooder. Talking about adoptogens to beauty – although it is all linked, right?
    And if that wasn’t enough there are audio interviews on kundalini yoga, reiki, colonics, medicinal mushrooms, flax, herbalism and naturopathy, pregnancy and a Q&A session. Most of the interviews were an hour long so a good opportunity to get comfy and listen to some great material. There was so much covered I was taking notes! It was like being in a workshop in the comfort of your own home. The interviews cover everything you need for a holistic lifestyle. Kate’s style of interviewing was relaxed and friendly. Kate really does extract as much information as she can from the interviewees and asks the questions we really wanted to know, that we might have been embarrassed to ask. We not only find out about the subject but also about the interviewee as well, this felt more personal than other interviews.
    Did you know Kate is a D.J? Kate provides some banging sets to get you dancing around your front room. The Magic Bubble provides exercise as well as information.... Kate has an extensive knowledge of music as well as an exemplary method of mixing them together, to those who know Kate she is a pretty good dancer too.
    Kate not only wants you to learn from her but she also wants to learn from you and your experiences. Kate wants questions from you and wants to hear about your raw experiences. The Magic Bubble is a raw community not a raw dictatorship. In Kate’s book Ecstatic Beings Kate talks about helping each other up to the higher levels of ecstasy; we are all connected all one being.
    Last, but not least at all.......RECIPES...........YEAH........ Some of which include, magic milk, pizza, crackers – lots of, soup, kale chips, garlic bread – inspired by Au Lac- yum! And CAKE..... There are so many recipes, I haven’t included them all. I can’t wait to get into my kitchen to try them! Kate has not let us down; her culinary skills are well known. I guess having three hungry boys keeps you on your toes as far as creating new, exciting and yummy food is concerned.
    The Magic Bubble has kept me entertained, amused and excited since I opened the web page for the first time. There is so much information in there it would take weeks to read or listen to it all, let alone make all the recipes. I definitely would recommend the bubble to anyone, experienced or new to raw food. Let’s get BuBbllinG X

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