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  • Raw Magic Brighton Courses 2014

    For 2014, I am offering two new courses, as well as the hugely popular Advanced Course.

    I felt increasingly frustrated last year by the limitations of the short classes and workshops. So much to say and share, a day is just not enough! So this year, I am launching the Beginner's Course. This will be more or less the same material I used to cover in my Raw Magic one day classes, so if you've taken that, you won't need to do this one again (unless you like to repeat the material! a lot of people say they actually get more out of it the second time...). But if you're looking for the best possible jump start into raw foods, I can say hand on heart I think this is the best course out there. Not only have I been eating raw for over 20 years, I have been teaching over 10 years, and this material is the fine tuning and careful honing of hearing all the questions asked by the thousands of participants, and thus being able to present something perfectly tailored to the needs of a raw beginner. Also I feel my classes are uniquely useful because they are so practical. Like you, I don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen. I'm a mum who's running a business, and also enjoying a good social life! I want to know all the short cuts so I can get out of the kitchen as quickly as possible and get on with the other million and one things I want to be doing. And I also want my food to taste amazing. I want gourmet, eye-rolling, lip-smacking, jaw-dropping drop-dead gorgeous food. My intention is that you leave the course fully confident of your own abilities to rustle up something incredible with whatever you have around, just like waving a magic wand! These aren't complicated chef's techniques and plating skills - this is real life. It's how to make magic in your kitchen, and let that magic percolate in your body, so you can go about spreading it in the world.

    So, the first Raw Magic Beginners Course runs over a weekend in February, in my home town of Brighton. Brighton is easy to get to by train from London, less than an hour (Network Rail permitting), and the venue is less than 10 mins walk from the station. If you choose to stay over, there's no shortage of fun things to do in Brighton and cool places to stay - we are right in the heart of the North Laine area, a mecca for independent vintage clothes stores, record stores, and quirky gift shops.

    The course runs from 12.0-5.0, so you've even got time to squeeze in a yoga class in the morning, or a browse round the shops. Lunch is provided, and juices and smoothies are available to purchase from the venue. You'll get handouts, but please bring pen and paper to take notes. You also get a free month on Kate's Magic Bubble after the course, so you can research some more and ask any questions that pop up for you.

    The following course, in April, is the Raw Magic Advanced Course. This is five days, starting Friday and finishing Tuesday. I've only been teaching this course since Jan 2012 (the first one was in Goa, India, and was one of the most memorable teaching experiences of my life), but it's already well-travelled around the UK and Europe. I love teaching this course, not just because we get to dive deep into the material, but for the transformations it brings about. This isn't just a raw chef course! It's an opportunity to connect more solidly with your own magical self, and inspire you to share that more fully in the world. Special friendships are often formed, and participants leave feeling excited about the potential of the raw food lifestyle, both on a personal level and a cultural level.

    Finally, we have brand new for 2014, The Raw Magic Superstar Course! I find it funny that when I first taught the Advanced Course, I was worried I would run out of material. I actually thought that we might get to Day Five and have nothing left to talk about. Instead, I've had to drop some material from the course because I usually get to Day Five and have to tell people that we are not going to fit it all in. So, I'm putting some of it in this new course, and also exploring some of those complicated raw chefing techniques that look so overwhelming when you aren't familiar with them. We'll be covering fermentation, pizzas, lasagne, candies, truffles, and making a triple-layer cake. This course is going to be the most fun! I'm limiting it to 12 participants for now, so I can make sure everyone has the opportunity to get hands-on. I've designed the course for people who have already completed the Advanced Course - so we can start where we left off - but if you have a lot of raw kitchen experience already, email us and I'm sure we can include you. I just want to make it clear that this is for people who already know their Excalibur from their Sedona, their gojis from their Incan berries, and their maca from their suma.  It's three days, starting on a Friday.

    So far, that's the only classes I've got booked in for 2014, although we are planning events in Oslo, Helsinki and Paris. If you'd like me to come teach a course in your city, please email and she can send you all the details of how we usually set it up. The classes aren't sold out unless they say so online - if they are sold out they won't let you book! If you want to put down a deposit, you can email

    Oh and one more thing! If you want to book all 3 courses together, I'm offering a silly 20% off until the end of January. That makes it £616 for 50 hours of teaching and 10 days of gourmet food. An incredible amount of work goes into these courses - preparing the materials, handling the bookings, sorting out the venue, doing the shopping, prepping the recipes, clear away afterwards, as well as all the teaching itself. Believe me, when I say at that price it's an absolute steal - shop around and see what other raw chef courses cost, and you'll see what I mean. I do this because I'm passionate about sharing the raw food lifestyle; I truly believe that changing your diet to include more raw foods and superfoods is the single most important thing you can do for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and our planet. I hope you can join me in this joyful mission at some point this year!

  • Why Raw Foods is NOT expensive

    In a nutshell: two reasons. Firstly, paying for food that is good for the planet and good for the body is one of the best investments you can make. Secondly, eating abundantly helps you tap into the frequency of abundance and create more in your life.

    I often get asked if a raw food diet is expensive. People have this erroneous idea that to be a rawfooder you need to be able to afford endless bottles of supplements at £50 a pop and only shop in Waitrose. Here are the reasons why I believe eating raw is a wise investment of your hard-earned dollars:

    • Raw foods the way I do it is basically eating lots of vegetables. Local and seasonal veggies are never too costly, especially when you buy them from the market at the end of the day.
    • Also the most beneficial thing we can do for our health is to stay hydrated. Drinking water also shouldn't be expensive!
    • I advocate minimal daily doses of superfoods eg ¼ tsp ashwaganda (p a day) or 1 tsp maca (a day). A good dose of all the superfoods you would need in a day will cost around £3.
    • There are so many hidden costs to cheap food -- in subsidies to farmers, in benefit payments to poorly paid workers, the money it costs to clean up the land and the water from pesticides and chemicals.
    • The productivity gained by eating this way is immeasurable. Less sleep, so more hours in the day. More positive approach to life so better at finding creative solutions to problems and more fulfilling and rewarding end results.
    • Eating abundantly helps us to tap into the abundance frequency, where we manifest more in our lives.
    • Less sick days -- roll that out across the country and imagine the savings on the NHS and to businesses that have to pay sick pay.
    • The average UK spend on drink & drugs is £13 a week. Couple that with leisure choices such as satellite tv and trashy magazines, and you can see that people are used to spending extra on recreational activities that decrease their productivity and self-worth. If they switched all those costs to investing in their diet, they might find that positive lifestyle choices are actually more fun, and more beneficial not just to themselves, but to everyone!

  • Raw Magic in Goa

    Raw Magic Advanced Courses

    Raw Magic in Goa 2013 was a great success. How could it not be? A paradise location, amazing food, gorgeous people, and an overflowing of information and inspiration from Kate.

    These courses work on so many levels. On the most basic level, you are getting a raw chef training that you can use in the kitchen at home to prepare the most fabulous food for yourself and your loved ones. Or you could use that training to help you set up as a raw caterer, making food on a commercial scale. You are also getting the full download as to why raw foods works, how to make the diet sustainable, and how to deal with the common issues that arise when transitioning your diet. Again, you can choose to just apply this information personally, to quantum leap your own raw development, or you may choose to use it to start coaching others in the raw lifestyle. On top of this, there is the spiritual layer to what Kate does, and this is where the true magic lies. Changing your diet is about so much more than having more energy and feeling happier in your body. It opens you up to a whole new level of vibrancy in yourself and in your life, a way of being which is helping you access your true potential and really shine your light in the world. On the course, not only does Kate explain all this, but you get a chance to experience it and truly be it. Surrounded by so many like-minded people, absorbing high vibrational information, eating the best food on the planet, all in a supportive, beautiful environment, allows you to access the best of who you are and bring that to the fore.
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  • Kate Magic in Stockholm

    This is a bit of an old review now - but very nicely written by Johanna Best - of a class I did in Sweden about a year ago. I love visiting Scandinavia. I feel they are actually ahead of us in the UK in the way they are adopting raw foods into the mainstream. The countries I have visited - Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark - all have much smaller populations and yet have more webshops, raw products in the supermarkets and wholefood stores, raw cafes, and beautifully presented raw recipe books than we do here.

    Raw Magic Secrets

  • Raw Magic in Goa

    Raw Magic in Goa

    17th-20th January 2012

    What better way to start off the year of legends, 2012, with a life-changing week in paradise.

    For the first time ever, Kate is offering a chance to receive a Raw Magic Accreditation. On this twenty hour course, Kate will  cover the full spectrum of the Raw Magic lifestyle. From philosophy to sea spaghetti, from B12 to 2012, from relationships to kale chips, we promise that you will finish the course armed with a practical knowledge of how to make magic in the kitchen, along with a transformed awareness of how to empower yourself and implement the magic in your world.

    Everyone who completes the course satisfactorily will receive a certificate, an endorsement from Kate and Raw Living, which you may use as a credential should you wish to start teaching classes or catering yourself.

    We wanted to find the most amazing setting to launch this new programme, and so we will be landing on the shores of India to soak up sun rays and good karma in between classes. Bhakti Kutir is located 200 m above Palolem beach, arguably Goa’s finest and safest beach, on the terraces of a coconut grove. Established by a raw Goan-German couple, the centre is fully equipped to cater for raw foodists. They grow much of their own produce at their local organic 7 acre farm in the jungle, and we will be using as much as possible on the course.

    Libby Grant is facilitating the course, and can advise you on travel arrangements and visas, and help you with booking accommodation and making the arrangements for your stay. If you have questions that you cannot find the answer to on the Raw Magic in Goa site, please  email

    The cost of the course is £300.

    Early bird price (available until 31st July) £275

    Price for two people booking together £550

    Bubble Special: purchase an annual membership for Kate’s Magic Bubble at the same time (usually £95). Total price £350.

    To find out more about the course go to our dedicated website Raw Magic in Goa, or to book go direct to Raw Living.

    We will also be running one day workshops in North & South Goa for those already out there for the season. For more info on those go here.

  • Interview with Kate Magic

    This interview was filmed over Skype by Anja Horvat Jeromel for her website in Slovenia.

  • Amy Levin's Raw Chocolate Class

    I was very excited when I got an email from Amy a few weeks ago inviting me to her raw chocolate class. I know a lot of people who have been on the course and rave about it. Plus everyone I've met who's been on the course, and whose chocolate I've tasted afterwards, has been producing amazing delights.

    The course is out where Amy lives on the Sussex/Kent borders. It's an idyllic rural location, out in the middle of nowhere, but served by efficient high speed rail links so easy to reach from London.

    Amy like to keep the group small so everyone gets all their questions answered, and also there is ample opportunity for all participants to get hands on and make the chocolates themselves. I think this really helps as chocolate making is such a science, and there are lots of little tricks to master. Amy also supplies attendees with a comprehensive booklet including recipes, to take home, so there is no need for scrupulous note taking.

    You might wonder why i would need to go on the course, seeing as i am such a proficient chocolate maker myself! But I knew Amy, with her professionally trained chef's background, would have valuable information and ideas to share. As well as working for me when we had the shop in Brighton, Amy has worked for The Food Clinic (a short-lived raw restaurant in Brighton), The Raw Chocolate Company, and Saf, so she really has a wealth of experience to draw on.

    The first half of the day involved Amy explaining some of the science behind chocolate making - why it is essential to temper to get good chocolate and which different kinds of molds are advisable. Then we made three batches of chocolate using the methods she had explained: white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark. She showed us a huge selection of centres and flavourings that she favoured, and then showed us how to work with them. She also had some coloured chocolate (green, pink and yellow), and we all made our own multi-coloured chocolates, as well as espresso chocolates, and a chipotle and orange combination (at my request!).

    We had a short break for lunch which I thought was a really good idea: it was great to get some greens in after all that sugar! Lunch was a light but beautifully presented salad with some of Amy's crackers, and an opportunity to chat and make connections with some of the other course attendees.

    After lunch we did coconut bon bons (a bit like a Bounty bar!) and a fantastic creamy Italian hazelnut filling (which was my favourite). She showed us how to properly coat our chocolates for a professional effect, which sounds like it would be simple, but there's more to it than you would expect if you want them to come out presentable!

    The day I was there most of the attendees were professional chefs, and I don't know if that is generally the case, but I think people who want to make chocolate on a commercial level are the ones who are likely to get the most out of it. But if you love chocolate and want to learn how to amaze and delight your family and friends with gourmet creations, then you certainly won't be disappointed. Amy said at the beginning of the course that she intended to cover everything you would ever need to know about professional raw chocolate making and I think she succeeded.

    The actual chocolate recipes we followed weren't really to my taste. I like my chocolate dark, less sweet and crammed with superfoods! But this didn't detract from my enjoyment of the day. I learnt a lot about how to make chocolate box selections, and picked up plenty of ideas to inspire my own creations.

    I feel there is an overkill of raw chocolate bars on the UK market, and much of it is of poor quality and likely to give raw chocolate a bad reputation. However, there are only a few people producing selection boxes (such as Anna Middleton), and it would be fantastic to see more development in this area. So if you fancy setting yourself up in business as a raw chocolatier producing high end goods, Amy's course is undoubtedly the best place to start. It's a shame Amy doesn't want to produce her own line!

    To find out more about Amy's work visit her site Ooosha.

  • My Nutritional Makeover

    Calling Miss Magic

    Kate offered me a nutritional make over and I jumped with excitement.  Recently I have been feeling very tired and lethargic and really needing that something extra. Looking after my lil man is hard work as well as running a business and trying to do two what seems like full courses, all on the run.  I think my inner battery has been a bit low and although I do lots of exercise, probably too much actually, and eat well, the strain on my adrenals was high due to my heavy workload.  Kate’s consult was synchronicity indeed.

    Kate has such a friendly style and a real be good to yourself attitude.  She said to me, “Listen to your body, take it out of the head and into the body to heal,” when talking about trying to be perfect and a good 100% raw fooder.  We discussed that you need to listen to your body and if your body wants chips, then buy good organic potatoes and make some chips.  Denial is not the key to sustaining a healthy diet or lifestyle whatever your choice of food is!

    As a fitness consultant I am a very physical person, I NEED to do a couple of hours exercise a day!  As such my energy intake is very high, my body needs more calories to get me through than someone whom is quite sedentary in their day to day life.  As such we discussed how I can achieve that high energy raw styleee.

    Kate suggested taking chlorella after my workouts as well as greener grass and Spirulina, about one tablespoon of a mix of all.  It was suggested that I could make some flax crackers which are very grounding and mix the powders into some avocados, by the way of which I should consume two a day of.

    Two amazing superfoods for sustaining such a lifestyle are:  Chia and Maca.  Chia for the amazing hydrating benefits but also for the fat content, and the Omega 3’s which are very bio-available in Chia.  Maca is great for energy, hormones and strength building.  Burning fat is a good source of fuel for the body especially if your energy needs are high and one of the best sources is coconut butter.  Don’t forget about the Seagreens as they are the most mineral rich food on the planet due to the sea bed still so rich in minerals.  Kelp being the best source of the sea vegetables and extremely cheap to buy – bonus!

    Kate was very supportive, and for me whom has been on-off  raw for over two years now I had loads of information to think about and implement in my diet.  Kate also reminded me of things I had forgotten to do, love myself and those naughty parts of me as they can run and hide but they always come home!  You can hear my interview with Kate on the Magic Bubble for the full low down.

    Peace out!

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