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  • Review of Kate Magic Beginner's Raw Food Course in Brighton, UK

    Eco-journalist Claudia Cahalane came along to one of Kate's weekend classes and had a fantastic time. Read her review for Positive News magazine.

    "While I’ve always felt good eating raw foods and admired the energy and glow of those that live on a mainly raw food diet, the thought of making raw meals myself has generally seemed a bit overwhelming – too fussy and expensive. But, a two-day course with raw food expert, Kate Magic, in February offered a new perspective and was just the boost I needed to encourage me to eat more raw...." Read on here.

  • The Amazing Living Libations - review by Anna Rodgers

    Check out the full Living Libations range here.

    Once in a while there comes along a skin care company that is in a league of it's own. One that is unlike any other and quickly becomes a cult beauty brand. Living Libations is a perfect example of this.  There is simply nothing else like this brand on earth. And I can tell you this, if I had the funds to buy absolutely every single product from this range, I so would!

    I'd been hearing lots about this unique range with the intriguing name.  It was much loved by many people in the raw food world for it's bio-dynamic, organic and raw ingredients and pretty sounding, almost poetic product names.  The creators, Nadine Artemis and Ron Obadia are two vibrant characters that you just won't forget after meeting or seeing speak on youtube.  Clearly lovers of poetry, spirituality and being at one with the universe, they have poured every inch of themselves into this brand.  It's more than just a range of products, it's a lifestyle and almost a 'beauty and health religion'.  Once you try these products you just won't be the same. I have tried countless brands over the years and have got a small amount of favorites, so it takes a lot to impress me these days but Living Libations has just blown me away. There's a whole heap of celebrities who love this range too, including Alanis Morisette - have a read here!

    Living Libations have been featured in many glossy mag and even the New York Times.

    It's hard to know where to begin with reviewing this brand except to say that there is SO much to say and I don't even think I can do it justice! With a large amount of one of a kind products, they have really thought of everything and much more, in fact they have created products for the whole family and also have a huge range of cosmetic and healthcare products for teeth and oral care. Nadine, the product formulator, knows how important oral care is for the entire body and set out to create a range that would replace ever going to see the dentist if used properly.  There's so much that can be done for teeth without ever needing extreme things done to them.

    Living Libations are known for their organic perfumes, (which sound so unique!) delicious scented body oils and exquisite skincare.  Nadine really is an alchemist, and has formulated everything so beautifully with her special gifts of knowing what should go with what. Her knowledge is extensive of all different subjects. You can watch a short video at the bottom of this post. She is like a walking encyclopedia! Making your own range of products is not as easy as what it might appear, there's much more to making something smell good, its got to work and has to really make a difference to peoples health and skin. The range is extensive, they even have  a few products for kids. There's the gum product for kids Wild Child Healthy Gum drops.

    There's essential oils for immunity and health and wellbeing in general. If I had owned a beauty salon or retreat, I would be using the entire Living Libations range! There's so much to offer people and there's also special things for massage and meditation. Their Chakra Set  contains 7 blends of essential oils for each of the 7 chakras.

    Living Libations even sell their own raw chocolate which sounds absolutely incredible! Whilst its not your average cheap as chips chocolate bar, it does sound pretty spectacular, more like a medicine than just something yummy to eat, and it's worth trying at least once! Although people are saying once you try it, theres no going back, that this stuff's the best. It does sound like it! Its clear to see when you read the ingredients, that this chocolate really is SO good for you and can genuinely help you to stay healthy! And it's not just about the benefits of cacao but the added herbs, essential oils and superfoods. What better reason do you need to have a bit every day?

    Living Libations have a real love for chocolate and that even spills over into their skin care! They have formulated a ChocolateKarat Serum which I just had to try - and wow was it totally drop your jaw amazing! I've never smelt anything like this before, the thought that came into my mind when testing it out was 'nectar of the gods'. Now I don't know what that is, or what it would smell like, but I bet this is pretty spot on. Honestly, it is something from heaven! Please click on the link above and go and have a read about this serum! I can't do it justice like they can. It was so beautiful to blend into the skin, I would always think wow if only I could have this all over the entire body as well! Now, even though it contains chocolate, it doesn't actually smell like chocolate, but don't let that disappoint you because what it does smell like is even better! My skin absolutely loved this serum too!

    The other product I tried out from the range was also for the face, but this time it was a mask. Living Libations have an exfoliating product called Green Papaya and Lime AHA face mask. This is something you put on after cleansing the face. You can either leave on for 15 minutes then wash off, or leave on over night. The papaya and lime help to gently exfoliate the skin leaving it soft and smooth. I used to use very harsh exfoliants years ago so now try and use something very soft. This was perfect. Smelt very tropical and uplifting. Long lasting too as only  a tiny bit is needed for face neck and backs of hands.

    Theres lots of things that jump out at me when reviewing the range, and I am very impressed by their sunscreen which I plan to get when weather is warmer.  I've never know a sunscreen to contain the sorts of ingredients thats in Living libations. Their Everybody Loves The Sunshine With Zinc has a pretty unique array of ingredients: Made with 20% uncoated zinc oxide and organic ingredients of: nourishing oils of the desert jojoba plant, virgin coconut crème, red raspberry seed, seabuckthorn berry, tamanu and regenerating essences of helichrysum, lavender, cape chamomile, ginger, geranium, palmarosa, rose otto, carrot, ginger, frankincense, turmeric, calendula, sandalwood and thyme linaloo.

    I also experienced one of their oral care products, the Yogi Teeth Serum. This is a blend of essential oils that you put on your toothbrush or add to some water to make a mouthwash. It contains clove, cinnamon, neem and a few other oils that create a very antibacterial serum. This means that you can keep gum disease at bay and keep your breath fresh. It has a very spicy taste.  And makes your entire mouth feel oh so clean. I had a few problems with gum sensitivity for a while. Ever since I had Lola, my gums were more sensitive and sometimes would bleed in certain areas. After using the teeth serum thats totally gone! Some customers have said that its helped heal cavities as well!

    I've only experienced such a small part of this exquisite range, but I already am totally in awe of it. Each and every single product has had so much thought and care go into their concoctions and judging by the glowing testimonials (found on their site) its no wonder that people are raving so much about this brand.  Whilst some of the products aren't inexpensive, its because they have sourced the best organic and biodynamic ingredients.

    Review by Anna Rodgers of Miss Eco Glam

  • Be the Change - new recipe

    Be the Change

    The new raw magic chocolate bars are awesome! They are packed full of incredible super foods that most other raw chocolate bars do not contain. Imagine a bar of chocolate containing medicinal mushrooms and Blue-green algae - both ingredients some people may struggle to fit into their diet. But who doesn't like eating chocolate? Its a match made in heaven.

    It's so dense and filling, I struggled to eat the whole bar at once (this is a good thing!). It's just sweet enough, with a really good 'bite' to it. This chocolate has a very satisfying texture. The new wrapping is very old-school - again, in a good way! It reminded me of how chocolate bars used to be,  wrapped in foil with a colourful wrapper (I'd say very kid friendly)! I can't wait to try the other flavours. These bars are Perfect Disco fuel.  They keep me dancing all night~ it's pretty much a meal in a bar.

    Review by Laura Coxeter

  • Big Tree Farms Cacao Powder

    Big Tree Farms Cacao Powder

    I've been making raw chocolate for several years now and tried lots of different Raw cacao powders from Bali, Ecuador and Peru. I just made a batch with the powder from Big Tree Farms ~the new range that Raw Living are stocking (They also do beans nibs and coconut sugar).

    This stuff is different. The flavour profile is really, really good. It has a lovely light, fruity flavour and you know you're eating a good quality product. Big Tree Farms are the only producers producing truly raw cacao in well-controlled conditions (most of the "raw" cacao out there is in fact heated).

    I really did feel different after eating this product ~a little goes a long way. It's very potent and felt very medicinal compared to a lot of other cacao I have used.
    The packaging is also very convenient , in a plastic tub with a lid so it's stores very neatly in your cupboard. Lots of powders come in plastic pouches that aren't very airtight or hygienic.

    All in all, I would highly recommend all the coconut sugars and cacao products from BigTree farms. I'm converted!

    Review by Laura Coxeter

  • Raw Magic Brighton Courses 2014

    For 2014, I am offering two new courses, as well as the hugely popular Advanced Course.

    I felt increasingly frustrated last year by the limitations of the short classes and workshops. So much to say and share, a day is just not enough! So this year, I am launching the Beginner's Course. This will be more or less the same material I used to cover in my Raw Magic one day classes, so if you've taken that, you won't need to do this one again (unless you like to repeat the material! a lot of people say they actually get more out of it the second time...). But if you're looking for the best possible jump start into raw foods, I can say hand on heart I think this is the best course out there. Not only have I been eating raw for over 20 years, I have been teaching over 10 years, and this material is the fine tuning and careful honing of hearing all the questions asked by the thousands of participants, and thus being able to present something perfectly tailored to the needs of a raw beginner. Also I feel my classes are uniquely useful because they are so practical. Like you, I don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen. I'm a mum who's running a business, and also enjoying a good social life! I want to know all the short cuts so I can get out of the kitchen as quickly as possible and get on with the other million and one things I want to be doing. And I also want my food to taste amazing. I want gourmet, eye-rolling, lip-smacking, jaw-dropping drop-dead gorgeous food. My intention is that you leave the course fully confident of your own abilities to rustle up something incredible with whatever you have around, just like waving a magic wand! These aren't complicated chef's techniques and plating skills - this is real life. It's how to make magic in your kitchen, and let that magic percolate in your body, so you can go about spreading it in the world.

    So, the first Raw Magic Beginners Course runs over a weekend in February, in my home town of Brighton. Brighton is easy to get to by train from London, less than an hour (Network Rail permitting), and the venue is less than 10 mins walk from the station. If you choose to stay over, there's no shortage of fun things to do in Brighton and cool places to stay - we are right in the heart of the North Laine area, a mecca for independent vintage clothes stores, record stores, and quirky gift shops.

    The course runs from 12.0-5.0, so you've even got time to squeeze in a yoga class in the morning, or a browse round the shops. Lunch is provided, and juices and smoothies are available to purchase from the venue. You'll get handouts, but please bring pen and paper to take notes. You also get a free month on Kate's Magic Bubble after the course, so you can research some more and ask any questions that pop up for you.

    The following course, in April, is the Raw Magic Advanced Course. This is five days, starting Friday and finishing Tuesday. I've only been teaching this course since Jan 2012 (the first one was in Goa, India, and was one of the most memorable teaching experiences of my life), but it's already well-travelled around the UK and Europe. I love teaching this course, not just because we get to dive deep into the material, but for the transformations it brings about. This isn't just a raw chef course! It's an opportunity to connect more solidly with your own magical self, and inspire you to share that more fully in the world. Special friendships are often formed, and participants leave feeling excited about the potential of the raw food lifestyle, both on a personal level and a cultural level.

    Finally, we have brand new for 2014, The Raw Magic Superstar Course! I find it funny that when I first taught the Advanced Course, I was worried I would run out of material. I actually thought that we might get to Day Five and have nothing left to talk about. Instead, I've had to drop some material from the course because I usually get to Day Five and have to tell people that we are not going to fit it all in. So, I'm putting some of it in this new course, and also exploring some of those complicated raw chefing techniques that look so overwhelming when you aren't familiar with them. We'll be covering fermentation, pizzas, lasagne, candies, truffles, and making a triple-layer cake. This course is going to be the most fun! I'm limiting it to 12 participants for now, so I can make sure everyone has the opportunity to get hands-on. I've designed the course for people who have already completed the Advanced Course - so we can start where we left off - but if you have a lot of raw kitchen experience already, email us and I'm sure we can include you. I just want to make it clear that this is for people who already know their Excalibur from their Sedona, their gojis from their Incan berries, and their maca from their suma.  It's three days, starting on a Friday.

    So far, that's the only classes I've got booked in for 2014, although we are planning events in Oslo, Helsinki and Paris. If you'd like me to come teach a course in your city, please email and she can send you all the details of how we usually set it up. The classes aren't sold out unless they say so online - if they are sold out they won't let you book! If you want to put down a deposit, you can email

    Oh and one more thing! If you want to book all 3 courses together, I'm offering a silly 20% off until the end of January. That makes it £616 for 50 hours of teaching and 10 days of gourmet food. An incredible amount of work goes into these courses - preparing the materials, handling the bookings, sorting out the venue, doing the shopping, prepping the recipes, clear away afterwards, as well as all the teaching itself. Believe me, when I say at that price it's an absolute steal - shop around and see what other raw chef courses cost, and you'll see what I mean. I do this because I'm passionate about sharing the raw food lifestyle; I truly believe that changing your diet to include more raw foods and superfoods is the single most important thing you can do for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and our planet. I hope you can join me in this joyful mission at some point this year!

  • Review of Simply Divine Botanicals

    Simply Divine Botanicals is a skincare range from Las Vegas. Everything about the products live up to their name - they are Simply Divine! If you're a fan of Living Libations, you will love these exquisite skincare and bodycare products, with their wonderful names, like Outer Body Experience, You Glow Girl, and Pack your Bags they're Leaving. If you've tried them already and have a favourite, let us know in the comments below.

  • Why Raw Foods is NOT expensive

    In a nutshell: two reasons. Firstly, paying for food that is good for the planet and good for the body is one of the best investments you can make. Secondly, eating abundantly helps you tap into the frequency of abundance and create more in your life.

    I often get asked if a raw food diet is expensive. People have this erroneous idea that to be a rawfooder you need to be able to afford endless bottles of supplements at £50 a pop and only shop in Waitrose. Here are the reasons why I believe eating raw is a wise investment of your hard-earned dollars:

    • Raw foods the way I do it is basically eating lots of vegetables. Local and seasonal veggies are never too costly, especially when you buy them from the market at the end of the day.
    • Also the most beneficial thing we can do for our health is to stay hydrated. Drinking water also shouldn't be expensive!
    • I advocate minimal daily doses of superfoods eg ¼ tsp ashwaganda (p a day) or 1 tsp maca (a day). A good dose of all the superfoods you would need in a day will cost around £3.
    • There are so many hidden costs to cheap food -- in subsidies to farmers, in benefit payments to poorly paid workers, the money it costs to clean up the land and the water from pesticides and chemicals.
    • The productivity gained by eating this way is immeasurable. Less sleep, so more hours in the day. More positive approach to life so better at finding creative solutions to problems and more fulfilling and rewarding end results.
    • Eating abundantly helps us to tap into the abundance frequency, where we manifest more in our lives.
    • Less sick days -- roll that out across the country and imagine the savings on the NHS and to businesses that have to pay sick pay.
    • The average UK spend on drink & drugs is £13 a week. Couple that with leisure choices such as satellite tv and trashy magazines, and you can see that people are used to spending extra on recreational activities that decrease their productivity and self-worth. If they switched all those costs to investing in their diet, they might find that positive lifestyle choices are actually more fun, and more beneficial not just to themselves, but to everyone!

  • The Milky Way: The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding on a Raw Diet

    This ebook is available to purchase by clinking the link above. We are also running a giveaway! Send your email address to with Milky Way in the subject line & we will pick two winners to receive the book. Closing date for entries Dec 31st 2013.
    If you delve into most mainstream guides on breastfeeding, one of the running core themes is that a lactating mother should be aiming to eat a diet rich from certain food groups (think iron rich proteins such as meat as one example) in order to ensure that her milk is of the best quality it can possible be when feeding her baby. But, what if you are a new mum who happens to also be following a raw food lifestyle? Is it really possible to successfully breastfeed and provide your baby, infant or toddler, with all nutrient rich milk, whilst eating raw foods, especially one that is most likely vegetarian or vegan based? Well, the quick answer is yes. And in her new book, 'The Milky Way: The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding on a Raw Food Diet', raw food advocate and breastfeeding supporter Joanna Steven shows you - in wonderfully detail - exactly how.
    If you typically associate raw food recipes as being fussy, complicated and just too long, then think again. The recipes provided here are quick and varied, just what is needed for mums juggling their own food and care around that of their new baby. The abundance of recipes fall into one of the following: juices & infusions, smoothies & shakes, breakfasts & puddings, soups & entrees, chips breads & crackers, dips dressings & sauces, salads, and sweet treats - plenty to satisfy savoury and sweet taste buds alike. An interesting idea that Joanna adopts in the book, is where a recipe is provided by a contributor, there is often a short preamble explaining the recipes origin (from ideas stumbled upon as an antidote to flagging energies during night time feeds to a way in which to ensure that chocolate (raw of course) stays on the menu) and/or the overall benefits of an offering. Contributing raw chefs include Rene Oswald, Karen Ranzi, Eva Rawposa, the books author, Joanna Steven, and Raw Living's very own Kate Magic. Although there are not many photographs provided to illustrate the many food and drink treats, this isn't really missed as there is just so much information covered.
    This is a perfect book on breastfeeding that should adorn the bookshelves of mums to be and new mums alike as well as those who do and don't primarily follow a raw food diet. This is part recipe book, part baby care book and part one-stop breastfeeding guide, expertly presented in one flowing package. It is packed with so much detail and information that any reader will become deeply - and satisfyingly - engrossed. There is excellent coverage given to vitamin intake and breastfeeding (refreshingly, Joanna is happy to discuss the use and place of supplements and even recounts her own vitamin supplement intake whilst breastfeeding her son). Some of the more detailed breastfeeding information provided covers chlorella for breastfeeding, vitamin D, probiotics, vitamin k, super foods (naturally) and galactogogues for breast milk production. Joanna is willing to share of lot of her own personal experience of embracing the raw food lifestyle whilst breastfeeding as is shown through her food journals charting her time spent breasfeeding her son Franklin. As mentioned, baby care is well covered, with sections on the first year of baby's life as well as baby and sleep.
    At the end of the book, Joanna includes a short collection of inspiring tales of women from various backgrounds who, for a variety of reasons, struggled with breastfeeding their babies initially. These recollections are not necessarily driven by anything raw food related, but the bare and truthful 'pain' and success of breastfeeding through various ailments and predicaments is uplifting. From my own personal experience as a new first time mum, I can acutely recall those painful early days of breastfeeding issues and the internal (with myself) and external (with health practitioners and even family) battles that are still all too vivid. If 'The Milky Way' had been around when I had given birth, then this is certainly a book I would have loved to have had. As it is, any mums to be or new mums, raw food devotees or otherwise, would be wise to invest in a copy. They wont be disappointed.
    written by Devona Anidi
  • Review of Eat Smart Eat Raw in Women's Fitness Magazine

    Four stars! Top Read!

    Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 10.16.19

  • Seagreens in CAM Lifestyle magazine

    CAM Lifestyle A4 ad Oct 2013 print ready

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