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  • Best Superfoods for Travellers

    Useful chart from Swissotel  We love goji berries and most of these lovely things.

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  • Interview with Kate Magic for Bullfrog Spas

    Hundreds of thousands of years ago, humans discovered the art of cooking and everything got a lot better, right? Naturally, cooking food came in tandem with the mastery of fire – which, according to Harvard anthropologist Richard Wrangham, made modern humans what we are today. There is much debate about exactly when humans started cooking – while Wrangham concludes it was around 790,000 to 2.6 million years ago, hard evidence shows the first cooking hearths around 250,000 years ago, and still others think it was closer to 100,000 at the beginning of the last Ice Age, when warm food presumably made for warm bodies. Regardless, at some point in our last major phases of evolution, cooking became an integrated part of human existence. There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal. Preparing food over a hot stove/oven and gathering around the table with loved ones is a ritual that results in some of a person’s fondest memories and happiest taste buds. Yet, for some modern food and nutrition enthusiasts, it’s the uncooked food that is most enticing, most comforting, and most beneficial. Consuming a raw food, mainly a primarily vegan diet, has emerged as a hot trend with health-conscious food perfectionists – those who want to optimize their diet to lose weight, treat an ailment, or simply feel their very best.

    Read the full interview here

  • Review of Raw Magic Dinner Party

    A few weeks ago, right before my Italia trip, I was invited to an amazing dinner in one of the quirkiest, and most captivating locations in East London (Haggerston to be precise). Kate Magic’s pop up dinner was set to be a full-on raw feast (with complementary kombucha cocktails at arrival).....

    Read more here at Sassy and Healthy

  • Superfood Recipes on The Secret blog

    Do you love to eat healthily but are bored with steaming broccoli? Are you wanting to discover more superfoods and how to make them taste delicious? We caught up with raw food guru Kate Magic, who has several amazing cookbooks under her belt. She has shared some of her favourite recipes for detoxing and spicing up your healthy eating regime.

    Superfood Guru Kate Magic Shows us How to Eat Healthily

  • SuperFoods Review on Deliciously Ella

    We are not allowed to make any claims for the products we sell on here, due to strict EU regulations. This means, we can't tell you anything about the traditional use of the product, nor its generally agreed benefits. Thankfully, bloggers are not subject to the same regulations! Read Ella Woodward's article here on some of her favourite superfoods, where she mentions us as the best place to find everything.

    Superfoods Review on Deliciously Ella

  • 21 Days Raw Ebook from Joanna Steven

    Tired of Wondering “What’s For Dinner?”
    Would Ready-Made Menu Planners Make Your Life Easier?
    With FULL Recipes? Including Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, & Dinner?

    Our new eBook has you covered! Over 20 experienced chefs have contributed time-tested, nutritious recipes you’ll find yourself making over and over again!

    21 Days of Raw Vegan Menu Planners – A Collection of Full Raw Food Menus with Recipes Designed to Give You the Glow – was created just for you, the busy bee who is juggling many responsibilities and doesn’t need food to be an added source of stress!
    This eBook contains 3 full weeks of delicious, nutritious menu plans with complete recipes. It was designed to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration so you never have to wander in your kitchen, opening the fridge a dozen times, waiting for a recipe to manifest itself.

    With contributors ranging from published authors, popular bloggers, TV personalities, raw food entrepreneurs, and much more, you are sure to find several menu plans that fit your mood!

    GOOD NEWS! Unlike most eBooks and print books, this one is available for only $2.99! It is our gift to you, to simplify your life, and take the stress out of mealtime! Click here to find out more, and to purchase.

  • Infinite Pie Podcast

    I love this interview with Kate Magic for its over-arching feel of positivity, abundance and presence.  You also get a keen sense of the pure passion and excitement she brings to her work, and her desire to share it with the world.

    Raw Food and Bikram Yoga enabled Kate to achieve the connectedness and harmony she had previously felt during the acid house scene of the late 1980s. These have been her tools for over 20 years now and they have allowed her to maintain a sense of calm, positivity and energy in everyday life.

    One thing that resonated with me more than anything during the interview was this – because we are all energy, if our very cellular system is out of whack based on our lifestyle choices – diet and exercise (acidic, dehydrated, not oxygenated) in particular, then our interaction both with our ‘self’ and the world at large will subsequently will be harder and more challenging. Food for thought!

    But it’s not just about food, raw or otherwise; filled with life advice, insights and personal experience this interview will either affirm what you already know, introduce you to new ideas or leave you curious to find out more. - See more at Infinite Pie.

  • Book Giveaway


    We are giving readers the chance to win a copy of Saskia’s gorgeous new recipe book, Raw Freedom:  Look Great, Feel Great – Quick and Delicious Raw Food Recipes for Everyday Energy.

    Saskia Fraser is a raw food and mind body spirit coach based in Bristol, and her book is packed full of her easy and inspiring recipes, all with beautiful full colour photos.  Saskia makes raw food super-accessible for everyone, with tips on incorporating raw and healthy cooked foods so it’s easy to feed yourself, family and friends all in one meal.

    First prize is a hard back signed copy of her book, with the runner-up getting an electronic version that looks beautiful on ipads, Kindles and all other electronic reading devices.

    To enter the competition, simply email or send your answer to Magic Competition, 9 Albert Parade, Bristol, BS5 9EH, UK with the answer to this question:

    What is Saskia’s website called?

    All entries must be received by 5th Oct 2014

    Terms and Conditions: Entries must be received by 5th Oct 2014 and the winner will be notified by email no later than 10th Oct 2014.  No purchase necessary. By entering the competition you agree to be added to Saskia’s mailing lists, you may unsubscribe at any time.  Privacy is important to Saskia – your details will never be passed or sold to anyone.

    Book Description:

    In this stunning recipe book full of mouth-watering photographs, Saskia Fraser introduces you to more than 80 easy-to-make raw food recipes for energy, health, weight-loss and detox.  With quick and delicious recipes for breakfasts, soups, pates, pastas, main courses, and desserts such as raspberry cheesecake and chocolate orange mousse, you will be amazed by the flavours and luxurious textures possible with raw food.  Saskia’s recipes are designed for normal people with busy lives, so they are simple and quick to make with the most basic kitchen equipment.  Saskia advocates eating high raw (which means lots of raw food, but not all raw food) and has a very inclusive approach that is accessible to everyone trying to find a better way to eat.  She includes chapters on how to incorporate raw and cooked foods together, how to introduce your family and friends to raw food, as well as lots of other practical and inspiring information on the raw food lifestyle.


  • Kate Magic Interviewed by Holly Paige

    Kate was interviewed by Holly Paige, another long term raw fooder and founder of Fermentation Fetish.

    Click here to play the audio interview. Holly asks very in-depth and interesting questions.

  • Why Vegetables are the New Carbs

    Recent article in the Evening Standard on the rise of "alt carbs" - using veggies and seeds as replacements for grains, eg cauliflower rice, courgette noodles, flax bread. Kate was interviewed for the piece, alongside fashion darlings of the moment Hemsley & Hemsley.

    Why Vegetables are the New Carbs

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