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  • kaleiscious

    Kale Chips - Cheesy

    I admit it, I'm a kale crisp addict.  A kalecrispaholic if you will.  I defy anybody to try kale crisps and not instantly become hooked on the crunchy moreish kaley crispy flavoursome gorgeous snack.  In fact, when I make these myself, they never make it off the dehydrator tray!  I just keep going back for more and more and more even before they're properly dehydrated.  You get the picture, I'm a complete addict!

    Now for the embarrasing part.  Whenever I blog or review items I always, always have photos.  Here is my photo of the kale crisps I tried:


    That area of kale crisp crumbs you can see at the top of the packet, that's where I tipped the last of the crisps in to my mouth straight from the bag.  I'm laughing through the shame of this picture.  The truth is, these are SO DAMN GOOD I couldn't physically put the bag down to go get my camera to take a picture of them!  How's that for a bonefide kale crisp addiction? :)

    The Kale Crisps come in 2 flavours, Ranchier and Cheesy.  These were the cheesy ones and boy they were they cheesy!  Really crispy too and just utterly delicious.  There isn't much more I can say really - I think the picture tells the story :)  Again, handy sized pack to take on travels with you but I defy you not to have them eaten before you pack your suitcase!

    A must for any kale crisp addict!

    Editors note: Kale Crisp addicts can get help here.

  • nuts for gone nuts!

    Gone Nuts - Rosemary & Garlic

    Wow!  I'll start off by saying these are the most bursting with flavour nuts I've ever had.  Gone Nuts come in a variety of flavours including Marinara Almond, Sesame Teriyaki, Sweet & Spicy, Cilantro Lime and Rosemary Garlic.  I tried the Rosemary Garlic flavour which is soaked and sprouted almonds and pistachio nuts marinaded in a luscious rosemary and garlic combo and gently air dried to create a super crunchy zingy snack.

    I don't normally snack on nuts but now I know why, they never compare to this kind of flavoursome treat!  These are so moreish, scrummy for snacking on and a great size to carry with you on the go.  I truly, truly loved these nuts.  As you can see from my pic, there weren't many left after I opened the packet - plus I had to hide them from the husband!

    I'm going to try the Cilantro Lime next then work my way round the flavours - YUMMY!

  • The Alpha and the OH-MEGA

    Alpha Dream Supreme Cream

    I am such a huge lover of Alpha Dream Supreme Cream, do you know why?

    Well, not only does it have some of the most gorgeous ingredients ever which include cacao butter (everybody loves cacao right?), coconut butter (best skincare ingredient on the planet), monoi de Tahiti (hydrating and protecting), hemp oil, aloe, MSM, rose oil and lavender oil, it also has GLITTER.

    I don't know about you but my day just doesn't go the same unless I've got a bit of glitter going on.  Glitter has been scientifically proven to make your day an extra 80% happier, 47% more likely to put you in your flow and 296% more likely to make you fall in love with everyone and everything you come in to contact with.*

    Seriously though, this cream is really super.  It melts beautifully on to your face/body (I put it everywhere), smells absolutely divine and does make you sparkle!  I love it!


    *4 million women tested agreed

  • Submerge Yourself

    Submerge Bath Salts

    Submerge is one of a new range of beautiful bath salts from the magical emporium that is Raw Living.

    Once upon a time, there was a fairy princess who was tired from a long day navigating the perils of consensus reality. She decided a bath would be just the thing to relax and revive her and smooth her aura back to brightness. She thought she would try a new bathing creation from the talented alchemist Miss Magic, and what a treat was in store!


    Submerge is more of an 'experience' than a bath. Incredibly soothing, yet deeply magical it inspires visions and clarity whilst you lay back in a pool of purple enchantment. It promoted a deep night's sleep but still left me feeling clearer and more present. Simply beautiful!

  • ch ch ch chia

    Chia Seeds

    I just got back from the most fabulous week in Croatia, jumping from Island to Island with my raw foods in tow.  What impressed me the most however was the super powers of my chia seeds!

    I saw that Kate drops some seeds straight in to a bottle of water and was intrigued so decided I was going to do this whilst on holiday.  Every day I dropped about 2-3 tablespoons of seeds in to the water bottle and left them to soak up.  My friends lovingly referred to it as 'Emma's Frogspawn'.  To be fair it does look a bit like it after a while as the seeds absorb 10 times their own weight in water.

    So what was so impressive about this make-shift easy peasy drink?  Well, it's no secret that I'm a very pale lass from Scotland.  My natural skin colour is off blue and I can literally cope with about five minutes of heat or sun before I crisp up and shrivel in the corner.  But not this time, oh no!  I was able to march up a bloody great hill in the midday sun to find a fortress in Hvar.  I was able to tolerate the hundreds of stairs (up the way) in the mid-afternoon sun looking for an apartment in Korcula.  I was able to withstand the walk across scalding hot beaches to find a shaded spot for me to chill and there is little doubt in my mind that the chia seed water helped with that.  After all, it helped to nourish and energise the Incans when they went on long marches!  I felt much more hydrated and energetic after my chia drink and am convinced it's the answer to all my prayers.  So much so, I'm going to continue to drink it now I'm back!

    It's not long till I'm on another trip away and I will definitely be packing my large bag of chia to see this little Scottish princess through the tougher sunny climes :)

  • hi bath time


    Last night I tried and tested the sumptuous hi bath bar, cos it was hi time for a hi bath!

    The website says: You are beautiful. You are loved. You are pampered…Our bath bar contains all the finest ingredients for a bath straight from heaven.

    When I opened the packet I immediately wanted to eat the bath melt.  That’s not anything to be alarmed about as the main ingredient in the bar is cacao butter – for it’s antioxident rich nature and Vitamin E.  The bar also contains clary sage essential oil to promote feelings of euphoria, and geranium for a floral scent.

    Pampered is certainly how I felt as I floated around (as much as you can float around in a medium-sized bath) immersed in rose petals and goji berries.  Kate’s idea to put gojis in this bath melt is ingenious!  The last ingredient is the purple corn which gives the water a lovely purple tinge for colour therapy!

    It does have a lovely scent and left my body lovely and soft – the way skin should feel!  The hi bath bar is very moisturising once fully melted, so much so I was able to shave my legs just with the luxurious oils in the water – too much information eh?

    For that reason I’d probably only use half the bar next time which is good because then you’re getting twice the value for your money!  The bar is very reasonably priced at £3.95 for 40g which is what you’d pay in somewhere like Lush for one of their bars but this one has all the benefits of raw, 100% natural ingredients and NO nasties!!

    A word of warning though: be very careful to make sure you clean the bath properly after using it.  The last thing you’d want is your husband getting in for a shower and falling arse over tit…or maybe you would like that

  • The Magic Inside The Bubble

    Kate's Magic Bubble

    Kate’s Magic Bubble is packed with great and useful information, recipes, music, discounts and interviews. Kate loves to get information out there to people which is inspiring and that educates, on not just being a raw fooder but on all aspects of life. I particularly loved Kate’s article on relationships and sexuality. Kate has included many articles which follow her life and her travels, such as her experience in a Hammam, when she travelled through Turkey, to what she eats and keeps in her kitchen cupboard. One hot topic on my mind was how to keep my little boy healthy on a raw diet and Kate’s article helped to ease my mind as well as provide me with the information needed for a happy healthy child. Kate covers topics to inform both the newbie and the experienced raw fooder. Talking about adoptogens to beauty – although it is all linked, right?
    And if that wasn’t enough there are audio interviews on kundalini yoga, reiki, colonics, medicinal mushrooms, flax, herbalism and naturopathy, pregnancy and a Q&A session. Most of the interviews were an hour long so a good opportunity to get comfy and listen to some great material. There was so much covered I was taking notes! It was like being in a workshop in the comfort of your own home. The interviews cover everything you need for a holistic lifestyle. Kate’s style of interviewing was relaxed and friendly. Kate really does extract as much information as she can from the interviewees and asks the questions we really wanted to know, that we might have been embarrassed to ask. We not only find out about the subject but also about the interviewee as well, this felt more personal than other interviews.
    Did you know Kate is a D.J? Kate provides some banging sets to get you dancing around your front room. The Magic Bubble provides exercise as well as information.... Kate has an extensive knowledge of music as well as an exemplary method of mixing them together, to those who know Kate she is a pretty good dancer too.
    Kate not only wants you to learn from her but she also wants to learn from you and your experiences. Kate wants questions from you and wants to hear about your raw experiences. The Magic Bubble is a raw community not a raw dictatorship. In Kate’s book Ecstatic Beings Kate talks about helping each other up to the higher levels of ecstasy; we are all connected all one being.
    Last, but not least at all.......RECIPES...........YEAH........ Some of which include, magic milk, pizza, crackers – lots of, soup, kale chips, garlic bread – inspired by Au Lac- yum! And CAKE..... There are so many recipes, I haven’t included them all. I can’t wait to get into my kitchen to try them! Kate has not let us down; her culinary skills are well known. I guess having three hungry boys keeps you on your toes as far as creating new, exciting and yummy food is concerned.
    The Magic Bubble has kept me entertained, amused and excited since I opened the web page for the first time. There is so much information in there it would take weeks to read or listen to it all, let alone make all the recipes. I definitely would recommend the bubble to anyone, experienced or new to raw food. Let’s get BuBbllinG X

  • Kelp Noodelicious

    Kelp Noodles

    When I first got into raw, about two years ago now, I still remember the feelings of being overwhelmed at the minefield of new foods/ super foods and ingredients that I had never heard of in my life. I remember texting Kate to ask her what Engevita was.... It was a whole new way of life and living! I am sad to say that I was not brought up as a vegan or vegetarian, although, as I grew and was able to buy my own food and make my own choices in life my diet mainly consisted of pulses and vegetable, which I found I thrived on, albeit cooked.

    My raw adventure really began at a talk I attended by Kate M herself. Kate talked about the triangle of foods and the importance of seaweed in the diet. How seaweed is an essential part of the raw diet, as it is one of the only few unfarmed and unpolluted resources left. Kelp in partiular is full of good stuff like iodine and more than 60 minerals, elements and amino acids. Kelp is amazing as it can be helpful for encouraging weight loss and for treating low blood pressure and fatigue, all of which may be caused by a sluggish thyroid. Eating Kelp could help to ensure that you are getting some of the vitamins and minerals in you that your body needs daily to perform OpTiMaLly, which is great to know.

    When I first heard about Kelp noodles I thought, hum interesting.... I had remembered what Kate had talked about in her workshop and ordered some from Raw Living. I imagined them to taste salty with a really strong flavour like Kelp powder, maybe even slimy like seaweed you see on the beach after a storm.

    I got my packet and opened with caution..... The mind can play funny tricks with you when you are unsure as to what you are eating. I gave the noodles a good wash with cold water. I had looked at a lot of recipes and they all advised to either soak the noodles in water to soften them up or marinade them in lemon juice. I soaked mine in water as my sauce was quite delicate. I actually like mine a bit crunchy but my friend was looking unsure about eating KELP!!!..... After half an hour they had tenderised nicely. I chopped them up with scissors to bite sized chunks and I added my sauce which was raw sweet corn chowder.

    Wow!!!! They tasted just like Chinese noodles, a bit of consistency to them but they pretty much take the flavour of the dish itself. They are extremely versatile and look great. You could add them to any dish to add a bit of bulk and extra nutrition. I have used them in many dishes now and the choices are endless.......

  • Last Night Some Bath Salts Saved My Life... From A Broken Back

    Soak Bath Salts

    Well not literally a broken back, and it was a few days ago now, but I had been doing back-breaking work lifting heavy loads and pushing a fully laden sack barrow up hills all day and had four more days to go of slogging.  It was also nearly that time of the lunar month for me. When my back (which I had sustained an injury to five years) ago started to ache, I thought I wouldn’t be able to carry on with the job. I thought I would give it another day and see how I felt.

    When I got home, I looked at my bruised legs, filled the bath up and poured in a cup full of Soak bath salts.  They contain Epsom salts plus essential oil of orange and geranium and Abund Essence (nice touch) as well as goji berries (which you have to catch when you pull the plug hole so they don’t block up the pipes!) Also Camu Camu powder for a shot of vitamin C to the skin, and flax oil.  All in all I felt soft and smelt delectable after my bath, but the real magic came the next morning, my bad back was just a memory. I did some pilates and yoga stretches before work. I repeated the bathing in the evening and stretching in the morning routine for the full five days of work and by the last day of work felt like I could have carried on forever.  Lesson learned; I will never underestimate the power of the bath salt again.

  • Spag Brill

    Sea Spaghetti

    Oh yes, this sea spaghetti really has the al dente bite you crave when you’re after something a little bit substantial.  I have tried other brands of sea spaghetti in the past, for instance, a dried one that was round just like spaghetti, but was much drier in texture and never softened up like this tagliatelle-like seaweed.

    This sea spaghetti is produced by a company called ALGAMAR and is from the Atlantic sea, I started off  soaking it for about 6 hours in total and then drained it and poured some truffle infused olive oil over it and sprinkled some sesame seeds, a spoonful of Greener Grass powder and a wee hint of garlic wiped around the bowl like they used to do in the 1950’s… Amazing, even my sister’s raw sceptic boyfriend was asking for more, it really is as satisfying as real pasta, but actually more so because it properly fills you up in a way that empty carbs never could. You feel sooooo amazing afterwards, I would say grounded and grateful is how I feel after sea spaghetti and it’s perfect for lunchboxes.

    I had some left and made some raw pesto to go with it, which lasted no time at all with my flatmate sniffing around for more… I think sea spaghetti is an all round (long, flat) winner, just like spag bol used to be in the olden days.  But just a final note; why is sea spaghetti (well Tagliatelle) called sea spaghetti, when surely it existed millions of years before Durham wheat spaghetti, shouldn’t the Italians rename it Wheaty Factory spaghetti?

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