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  • Kate Magic on Underground Railroad

    On Friday 21st October, while I was visiting NYC, I had the honour of dropping in on my friend Jay Smooth as he hosted his weekly radio show on WBAI, Underground Railroad. Jay is a popular blogger, social commentator, and hip hop DJ, who always has something interesting and astute to say about the topics of the day. You can listen to the audio recording of the live show here.

    Kate Magic on Underground Railroad

  • Food Prep Class, Brighton

    Photo by Eugene Butcher
    Wowwwww!! Kate has priceless wisdom and insights that can dramatically improve the vitality and bliss of not only our lives but our future generations. I feel I owe it to my kids and their future kids to learn this stuff. If i can really understand and embrace this stuff, make it habitual, i wonder what impact that will have going forward.

    It's funny I have often heard people say in relation to being healthy "I don't want to live like a monk" For a long time i was concerned for people using that philosophy as it seemed like a global cop out.

    The food Kate showed us how to make was the most decadent, self indulgent food I have ever tasted in my life.. and yet it's superfood, mega nutritious!! with incredible power to restore life and vitality.

    Why would I want to live like a monk when I could live like a king! Truth is though that few kings have ever have had the opportunity to live like this.

    They'd need a raw food expert/chef and the capacity to think outside box to follow her advice. Many of the superfoods that Kate uses have only become available to us in recent years. We live at a fortunate time in history when more is discovered about human potential for vitality than possibly ever before.

    But who studies and teaches this information? Who do we turn to? Dr's are kept busy studying dis-ease, they don't have time. So who studies ease, who studies health? Drug companies make money managing dis-ease and would be out of business if everyone was healthy so it's not really in their interest. Food industry maybe.. hmm is the food industry interested in health or profit? cheaper ingredients or healthier ingredients? What about politicians? Their priority is a NHS failing to cope with multiple modern epidemics.

    Reality is it's down to us to take responsibility, to think and decide for ourselves. Thank god we have the likes of Kate who have obsessed and personally tested this info for more than 20 years.

    As Kate says it's just a matter of getting started. Eventually we become addicted to feeling good and no longer want to put things in our body that don't support it be that food, thought or intentions. I agree, when we feel good I think we become immune to choices out of sync with vitality, no matter how clever the marketing, how hypnotic the tv adverts, how long it's been done historically or how outnumbered we may seem socially.

    Kate's knowledge and teaching is brilliant and should be part of the school curriculum. Now there's a thought! And an after school curriculum for that matter. I'm not sure when that will happen, in the meantime we have Kate's websites, posts, books and trainings :))) Can't recommend them highly enough!

    Review by Eugene Butcher
  • Kate Magic in Stockholm

    This is a bit of an old review now - but very nicely written by Johanna Best - of a class I did in Sweden about a year ago. I love visiting Scandinavia. I feel they are actually ahead of us in the UK in the way they are adopting raw foods into the mainstream. The countries I have visited - Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark - all have much smaller populations and yet have more webshops, raw products in the supermarkets and wholefood stores, raw cafes, and beautifully presented raw recipe books than we do here.

    Raw Magic Secrets

  • Crackin Crackits

    Reishi Crackits

    One of the things people tend to find most difficult with going raw is adjusting to weeding out the biscuits and crisps that are for many people the epicentre of their everyday diet! At the beginning of transitioning to cleaner foods, it can often be tricky finding a substitute for that afternoon snack that is satisfying and healthy. So when I discovered Inspirals Crackits, I was delighted. I have tried a lot of crackers in my time and I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of dehydrated food. Yes, I have a dehydrator and I do use it occasionally but I prefer to eat the majority of my foods fresh and living.

    But sometimes, fresh food just doesn't cut it when you're looking for the crunch factor. And having some crackers in the cupboard as a snack can act as a saviour in times of need. I recommend having crackers stored in the cupboard for those times you want to snack on something so that you aren't tempted by the KitKat or the ginger nut biscuits in the cupboard that your kids/partner like to have from time to time. (I should know - I live in a household of meat-eating, milk-guzzling, sugar-craving addicts!) so I make sure I'm fully equipped with my raw goodies so I don't stray from my path.

    They come in 3 flavours, Ginseng, Reishi (above) and HoShou, although I've only tried the last two. I love that they are not only made from living foods but are packed with superfoods to increase longevity and vitality. The HoShou crackers are made with sea veggies which is a big bonus for me as I like to squeeze them into my diet wherever possible as they are so darn nutritious and fabulous for regulating the thyroid. They also contain spirulina and kelp which are extremely cleansing and detoxifying for the body.

    I love to spread Apricot Kernel Butter onto mine - how do you eat yours?

  • Chia for Athletes

    Chia seeds

    Here's a great article on chia which recently appeared in a Triathlon magazine. Chia is one of the best foods for athletes who want to improve their energy levels. We also recommend maca and MSM for those doing lots of physical exercise or manual labour.

    Click on the link below to see a scan of the article.

    Chia article

  • Chocolate Peppermint Pie

    Raw Chocolate Pie - Peppermint

    Made by Living Foods of St Ives, I had been eyeing up the raw chocolate pies for a while, so was a bit (over) excited when I got to sample the Peppermint version!


    The ingredients are lovely: cacao nibs, coconut butter, agave nectar, lucuma, ground almonds, carob flour, and natural peppermint essence.

    It's recommended that you enjoy these straight from the fridge, and so this is what I did. The texture was satisfyingly dense and pleasantly crumbly, a mix between chocolate bar and cake...different to any other raw chocolate I've yet tried, and very moreish! It started to soften quite quickly once out of the fridge, becoming almost truffle like. Such decadence! The cacao nibs added another dimension; a fun, crunchy contrast.

    Taste wise, this bar was also gorgeous. It didn't seem as intense as other bars I have tried, I'm thinking maybe due to the inclusion of the ground almonds. Because of this, possibly a good option for those who aren't so keen on super dark chocolate.

    The peppermint flavour was quite subtle, perfectly in balance with the other ingredients.

    At first glance, I thought that this bar was quite small but at 60 grams, it's actually remarkably good value for raw chocolate - only £1.95...yes, really!

    So as you may be able to tell, I really enjoyed this bar, and it has left me wanting to work my way through each variety of chocolate pie!

  • Embrace Your Feminini-tea


    Raw Living's new tea blend, Feminini-tea is a beautiful blend of nourishing and tonic herbs specifically designed to support women's wellbeing.


    The taste is smooth, nurturing and refreshing with rose buds adding a fragrant note which blends beautifully with the greener taste of raspberry leaf, the sweetness of gojis and the earthiness of shatavari.

    Medicinally this is also a well balanced formula with more astringent, tonifying herbs like raspberry and rose mixed with moister ones like the berries and roots.

    It is designed to support women's health and all the herbs included have a long history of use for women in the folk medicines of the world. They can all can be safely used for men too however so you can happily share your teapot with your male friend or beloved, unless you would rather keep it all to yourself that is! Goji and damiana especially have been used for male health and damiana and shatavari are thought to boost libido in both men and women.

    In Ayurvedic medicine Shatavari is considered probably the best all round tonic for women which can help balance hormones and improve energy levels. Raspberry leaf meanwhile has a long history of use in Western herbal medicine for helping to tonify the female organs as well as being rich in vitamins and minerals. And what praise we could heap upon rose! Wonderful for everyone this cooling, refreshing and heart opening herb has many gifts to offer us.

    All in all I enjoy this tea immensely and it can be drunk regularly for its supportive and balancing properties though it is probably best avoided in the first months of pregnancy. Make sure you leave it to infuse in a tea pot or cafetiere for about 15 mins before drinking to ensure the benefits of the herbs are extracted. This is especially important as the formula contains roots which are tougher to extract and you can top up the pot several times before discarding the herbs to ensure you have utilised all the goodies.

    Now, time to put the kettle on I think.

  • Kate Magic in Iceland

    Here's a raw chocolate making video I did for Iceland's most popular women's magazine-style website. Unfortunately, I can't embed it here so you have to click HERE to go see it.

    Iceland really is the most incredible place and has possibly the most enthusiastic and thriving raw community of anywhere in Europe. In part this is down to Solla and her incredibly inspiring drive and passion for this way of eating. But I think it is mainly down to the fact the people are so open and ready to accept the best things in life - they have the best air and the best water, why not eat the best food?!

  • Pesto Power

    Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this pesto because even pre-raw I was never keen on ready-made pasta sauce out of a jar.  Being vegan, Seggiano pesto doesn’t contain parmesan and it doesn’t contain garlic either (I thought they would put some in to make up for the lack of parmesan.)  So it was a delightful surprise to discover how intensely tasty this stuff is.  It has a deep, almost meaty punch of mellow flavour, in fact to me it reminds me of Bolognese sauce.  I don’t know how the makers manage to get so much flavour into such a simple set of ingredients.  I imagine the ingredients are seriously high quality.

    So for anyone who misses pasta, some of this pesto on kelp noodles or courgette ‘noodles’ is the biz.  I find real intensity of flavour can be hard to achieve with raw meals so it’s great to have an option like this, especially as it’s an easy dish to make and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  Also the pesto keeps for two weeks in the fridge once the jar is opened so the fact that I’m the only one in the house eating it isn’t a problem (my other half is a Scotsman who is allergic to vitamins.)  Next time I’m staying with conventional eaters, I shall take a jar of this pesto, a packet of kelp noodles and a bag of salad.  It will look like a more normal meal, and frankly the fewer incredulous questions I get about my way of eating, the better.

    Beware though, the pesto is rich and filling and a little goes a long way.  I made myself what seemed like a reasonably modest portion but couldn’t finish it all.  Okay I did have quite a big portion of salad with it – see photograph – and yes my breath did stink after all the raw onion, but it would have been a bit intense without a salad.  Besides, a juicy side salad is the law of raw, right?  Or maybe I’m just greedy.

  • Kate Magic on Superfoods

    This video was filmed by Johanna Bjork at The Raw Life festival in Angsbacka, Sweden at the beginning of August. The festival was amazing, & I really recommend trying to get there next year if you can. It was a raw food paradise: beautiful setting, outstanding food and wonderful people.

    If you want to see more videos from the festival you can find them on Johanna's blog RaFrisk! (it's a bilingual blog - in Swedish and English).


    Raw Life: Kate Magic on Her Favorite Superfoods: Adaptogens & Green Powders from Råfrisk! on Vimeo.


    Raw Life: Kate Magic on Her Favorite Superfoods: Adaptogens & Green Powders from Råfrisk! on Vimeo.

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