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The Milky Way: The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding on a Raw Diet

This ebook is available to purchase by clinking the link above. We are also running a giveaway! Send your email address to with Milky Way in the subject line & we will pick two winners to receive the book. Closing date for entries Dec 31st 2013.
If you delve into most mainstream guides on breastfeeding, one of the running core themes is that a lactating mother should be aiming to eat a diet rich from certain food groups (think iron rich proteins such as meat as one example) in order to ensure that her milk is of the best quality it can possible be when feeding her baby. But, what if you are a new mum who happens to also be following a raw food lifestyle? Is it really possible to successfully breastfeed and provide your baby, infant or toddler, with all nutrient rich milk, whilst eating raw foods, especially one that is most likely vegetarian or vegan based? Well, the quick answer is yes. And in her new book, 'The Milky Way: The Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding on a Raw Food Diet', raw food advocate and breastfeeding supporter Joanna Steven shows you - in wonderfully detail - exactly how.
If you typically associate raw food recipes as being fussy, complicated and just too long, then think again. The recipes provided here are quick and varied, just what is needed for mums juggling their own food and care around that of their new baby. The abundance of recipes fall into one of the following: juices & infusions, smoothies & shakes, breakfasts & puddings, soups & entrees, chips breads & crackers, dips dressings & sauces, salads, and sweet treats - plenty to satisfy savoury and sweet taste buds alike. An interesting idea that Joanna adopts in the book, is where a recipe is provided by a contributor, there is often a short preamble explaining the recipes origin (from ideas stumbled upon as an antidote to flagging energies during night time feeds to a way in which to ensure that chocolate (raw of course) stays on the menu) and/or the overall benefits of an offering. Contributing raw chefs include Rene Oswald, Karen Ranzi, Eva Rawposa, the books author, Joanna Steven, and Raw Living's very own Kate Magic. Although there are not many photographs provided to illustrate the many food and drink treats, this isn't really missed as there is just so much information covered.
This is a perfect book on breastfeeding that should adorn the bookshelves of mums to be and new mums alike as well as those who do and don't primarily follow a raw food diet. This is part recipe book, part baby care book and part one-stop breastfeeding guide, expertly presented in one flowing package. It is packed with so much detail and information that any reader will become deeply - and satisfyingly - engrossed. There is excellent coverage given to vitamin intake and breastfeeding (refreshingly, Joanna is happy to discuss the use and place of supplements and even recounts her own vitamin supplement intake whilst breastfeeding her son). Some of the more detailed breastfeeding information provided covers chlorella for breastfeeding, vitamin D, probiotics, vitamin k, super foods (naturally) and galactogogues for breast milk production. Joanna is willing to share of lot of her own personal experience of embracing the raw food lifestyle whilst breastfeeding as is shown through her food journals charting her time spent breasfeeding her son Franklin. As mentioned, baby care is well covered, with sections on the first year of baby's life as well as baby and sleep.
At the end of the book, Joanna includes a short collection of inspiring tales of women from various backgrounds who, for a variety of reasons, struggled with breastfeeding their babies initially. These recollections are not necessarily driven by anything raw food related, but the bare and truthful 'pain' and success of breastfeeding through various ailments and predicaments is uplifting. From my own personal experience as a new first time mum, I can acutely recall those painful early days of breastfeeding issues and the internal (with myself) and external (with health practitioners and even family) battles that are still all too vivid. If 'The Milky Way' had been around when I had given birth, then this is certainly a book I would have loved to have had. As it is, any mums to be or new mums, raw food devotees or otherwise, would be wise to invest in a copy. They wont be disappointed.
written by Devona Anidi

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