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Gorgeous Gojis

Heaven Mountain Goji Berries

Mmmm, goji berries. I love them.

We all know by now that they're little gems of nutrition: very high in vitamin C, and have all of the essential amino acids. They are also anti-inflammatory and immune-system boosting. Brilliant!

What's great about them is that they are equally at home in a sweet or savoury context, and are yummy enough to eat by the handful.

I didn't think that my adoration of these beauties could get any bigger...until I tried these Heaven Mountain goji berries.


Heaven indeed! Exceptionally soft, ridiculously moreish, utterly delicious. You know ho gojis tend to be quite hard and chewy, usually needing to be soaked for a bit to make them perfect? These are nothing like that! Dragon Herbs have found a way to keep the berries so juicy and plump, PLUS they are grown in pretty pristine conditions.

What I really really really love is that, to me, they seem to have so much more life in them that any other goji berry that I’ve tried. Positively bursting with goodness.

Basically, these take gojis to a whole new level! Totally different to all the ones that I have tried before. Problem is, I'm not sure how I'll be able to settle for any others!

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