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Medicine Flower Dark Delights

Dark Chocolate Flavour Potent Extract

I’d been dying to try the Medicine Flower flavour extracts but for ages they didn’t seem to be available in the UK.  When I saw Raw Living had started stocking them I got very excited.  I tried the coconut one first and was so impressed, I immediately ordered the dark chocolate one.  When I first opened the bottle, it smelled more like Baileys than chocolate and I admit I had my doubts.  But in terms of taste, it was a revelation.  Just a few drops pack an amazing punch so a little bottle lasts a long time.  The great thing about the chocolate one in particular is that though it contains all of the chocolate flavour, it contains none of the stimulants so even those who normally find chocolate too heavy on their system can take this with no problem.  I can handle chocolate (so far) unless I get too greedy with it, so I use the drops two ways.  I can use it to limit the amount of actual chocolate needed in a recipe so I don’t overload, and I can also use it with carob for when I want to avoid the stimulants altogether.  They’re good combined with carob to flavour raw sweeties, which is good because I tend to want sweeties in the evening.  Now I can have choccie flavour goodies without jittering and jiving all night as a result.

 None of these extracts contain alcohol, they are cold-processed so they’re raw AND they’re sustainably organic.  Perfection in a bottle.  If we ask them nicely, maybe Raw Living will think about stocking the orange and the coffee flavours too?

Meanwhile here’s my recipe for a creamy raw chocolate smoothie with everything in so you can see what I mean.

Milly’s Cheery Chocolate Smoothie

1T chia seeds, soaked 2 hours (stir at half time)

1T carob powder

1T cacao powder (or omit this and use extra drops instead)

6 drops Medicine Flower dark chocolate extract

1 cup almond milk (or other nut/seed milk)

1T coconut butter

pinch of salt or white miso

sweetener of choice (eg 2 dates or 1T of agave or 1T yacon etc)

extra liquid if needed (I like to use leftover pau d’arco tea)

add your favourite goodies – just now mine are STR-12, Amla, spirulina and maca

Whizz in a high speed blender.  You could also add a banana with some extra liquid if you’re especially hungry.

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