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  • Is Cacao the Best New Party Drug?

    How raw chocolate is taking the place of drugs at raves and coffee at business meetings.


    Click her to read the feature in i-D magazine.

  • New Sizes of Raw Living Teeas

    We produce four varieties of loose leaf tea in our Raw Living Kitchen. Infiniteea, is a refreshing blend of lemon and the Ayurvedic herb ashwaganda. Eterniteea, is a Chinese medicinal blend using some of their most well-revered herbs: reishi, fo-ti, schizandra and goji. Feminiteea contains herbs celebrated for centuries for their positive impact on women's health and well-being: shatavari, raspberry leaf, damiana and rose. Finally, Clariteea contains gingko and moringa, another two herbs that have a well-respected and established tradition of usage.

    Due to draconian EU regulations, we are unable to tell you anything more specific about these herbs, but a simple Google search will reveal endless information and testimonials as to their efficacy.

    The good news is that they are now available in smaller sizes! All four teas are now available to purchase for under a fiver. Don't be scared of loose leaf teas! You are going to get a lot more of the benefits of the herbs by consuming them this way than you are once they have been powdered and packaged into tea bags. They are easy to prepare using a simple cafetiere. Just pour on hot water, brew for five minutes, and voila! A deep, wholesome, flavourful drink that it's doing you more good than you could imagine.

    Try them and let us know your favourite!

  • Kate Magic on Raw Living Radio

    Hava Derby and Clementine Libre of Raw Living Radio (no relation!) talk with Kate Magic about how raw foods are transformational and with Denley Fowlke of Sunwarrior about how plant-based, mineral-rich living has literally saved the lives of his loved ones and most likely him too!  You can catch the replay now at

  • Stickers!

    We now have Raw Living stickers in two colourways. If you would like some, please just ask! Put a note at the checkout when you order, and we will include some in your next parcel.

  • Raw Magic in LA

    Kate's first Raw Magic Dinner Party in LA was a massive hit. Attended by such luminaries of the raw food world as Chef Ito, Annie Jubb, Matt Amsden, Ani Phyo, Jason Wrobel, Amber Zuckswert, Julia Corbett and more, everyone loved Kate's 5-course gourmet raw superfood dinner. Big thanks to the sponsors, Au Lac, Erewhon, The Raw Food World, RawGuru, and HealthAde.

    Read all about it here on Tania Marie's blog.

  • Summer Retreat in Costa Rica

    The first Epic Magic Retreat happened in January 2015, here's a little taster of what happened. If you want to join in for the most blissful and joyful two weeks imaginable, the next one is August 2015. Details here .

  • Raw Snacks by Caroline Fibaek

    Raw Snacks is a new recipe book from Danish writer, nutritionist and chef, Caroline Fibaek. Try this recipe below, and if you like it, you can find the book here, for more delicious treats.

    Dream Bar
    A chocolate bar full of power and nourishment – a bit of paradise.
    Make a tray full and keep in the fridge.
    Makes 5 bars

    60g cashew nuts
    60g Brazil nuts
    2 tablespoons unsalted pistachio nuts
    45g mulberries
    2 tablespoons goji berries
    80g cocoa butter
    1 teaspoon vanilla powder
    1 tablespoon sunflower lecithin
    1 tablespoon agave syrup or coconut sugar
    3 tablespoons raw cocoa powder
    1 tablespoon mesquite or lucuma

    Chop cashew and Brazil nuts coarsely. Mix with
    pistachio nuts, mulberries and goji berries and pour
    the mixture into a brownie tin in a layer approximately 1
    cm thick. Gently melt the cocoa butter in a bowl
    in a bain-marie. When the cocoa butter has melted completely
    mix in vanilla powder, sunflower lecithin,
    agave syrup, cocoa powder and mesquite. Mix thoroughly
    and pour the chocolate sauce over the nuts
    and berries. Leave to cool in the freezer or fridge.
    When the chocolate mixture is set, it can
    be cut into bars.

    Must be kept cool.

    BRAZIL NUTS are among the most
    nutritious nuts on earth. They contain
    much of the immune stimulating antioxidant
    selenium, which contributes to preventing cancer,
    heart diseases and premature ageing. Selenium
    is also beneficial for sight and healthy
    hair and skin. Brazil nuts also contain
    zinc, magnesium, calcium, gluthation
    and iron, Omega-6, B1 and biotin and is very
    rich in protein.

  • Thank You For All Your Feedback

    We are loving our new Yotpo feature which enables you to rate and review your shopping once you've received it. It's very gratifying to see how much you love eating and using all these wonderful items that we work so hard to source and stock for you. We made a little poster of some of the best. Keep 'em coming!


  • Gourmet Spirulina recommended by Natural Health Magazine

    Gourmet Spirulina Natural Health March 2015 (1)

  • Raw Living Sunseeds Review

    Read the review of our Sunseeds from the good folks at Foods Matter.They go great with beer apparently!

    Click here to read the Sunseeds review. 

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