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  1. raw_chocolate_hi_lovers

    Hi-Lovers Raw Chocolate Bar (50g)

    50g silky smooth rose-flavoured chocolate containing shatavari and maca.

    Addicts save £5 when they buy 10 bars.

    Learn More
  2. activated_sunseeds_shiitake_front

    Activated Sunseeds with Shiitake (100g)

    Our Sunseeds are raw, dairy-free, sugar-free, and free from all additives and preservatives. We soak our sunflower and pumpkin seeds in pure filtered water, then marinade them in a blend of aromatic spices, balsamic vinegar, and mushroom extracts. Then » Learn More
  3. raw_organic_almond_butter

    Almond Butter - Raw and Organic (250g)

    Sun & Seed's raw, organic almond butter is made made using artisan techniques from raw organic almonds grown in Spain. All Sun & Seed nut and seed butters are made by simply grinding raw seeds or nuts using traditional stone milling machine. » Learn More

  4. bee_pollen_organic_front

    Bee Pollen - Organic (250g, 1kg, 5kg, 25kg)

    The bee pollen is cropped on from the region of Transylvania- hills and mountains, far away from polluted areas. The main advantage of our collecting areas is that there is no intensive agriculture, the people are practicing the agriculture for theirs o» Learn More
    Price From: £8.99
  5. organic_cacao_powder_front

    Cacao Powder - Organic (250g, 1kg, 5kg)

    At the end of 2018, the EU lowered the limit of permitted cadmium levels in the soil. Cadmium is a natural trace mineral, present in most soils, and as the Peruvian mountain soil in which our cacao was grown is very high in minerals, the truly » Learn More

    Price From: £14.99
  6. coconut-secret-aminos

    Coconut Aminos (237ml) - Coconut Secret

    When the coconut tree is tapped it produces a "sap" that exudes from the coconut blossoms. Small batches ensure that our Coconut Aminos, made from this natural sap, is an enzymatically alive product aged and blended with sun dried sea salt, hand gathere» Learn More
  7. dulse_organic

    Dulse Organic - Algamar (50g, 100g, 500g)

    Dulse is one of our favourite seaweeds, closely followed by nori and sea spaghetti.

    Click Here to Play A» Learn More

    Price From: £5.95

    Sorry, sold out. More coming soon.

  8. gopal_power_wrap_japanese

    Gopal's Power Wraps (2 sticks) - Japanese

    Power Wraps are made with soaked and sprouted sunflower seeds, which are made in delicious pates, and then wrapped in high grade, fish-free nori and dehydrated to produce handy snack sticks which are firm but not too dry. Power Wraps come in 8 flavor» Learn More


    Sorry, sold out. More coming soon.

  9. he_shou_wu_organic_back

    He Shou Wu powder - Organic (100g)

    He Shou Wu is a natural plant food, one that you can use as a culinary ingredient in a variety of ways. Learn More
  10. kelp_noodles_packet

    Kelp noodles (340g)

    Kelp noodles look and taste like Chinese glass noodles. They come in the same little plastic pouches, which you just snip open and they are ready to eat. Although they are pretty tasteless as they are, they are transformed by any of your favourite ra» Learn More

  11. organic_kelp_powder

    Kelp powder - Organic (100g)

    Kelp is a sea vegetable best known for its iodine content, with an intensive umami taste. Our organic Kelp is harvested by hand in it's natural environment on the coast of Galicia (Bay of Biscay and Portuguese Waters). Kelp is also a wonderful addition » Learn More
  12. Nori Sheets - Real Raw (x 10)

    Nori Sheets - Real Raw (x 10)

    Nori sheets are made from a sea vegetable which is pressed into sheets, and traditionally used for making sushi. Raw Living's raw Nori sheets are the same as those previously sold by Earth Circle Organics. Raw Nori is 50% protein by weight and full o» Learn More
  13. raw_nori_sheets_25

    Nori Sheets - Real Raw (x 50)

    Nori sheets are made from a sea vegetable which is pressed into sheets, and traditionally used for making sushi. Raw Nori is 50% protein by weight and full of vitamins and minerals. Ounce for ounce, it contains nearly 10 times the Potassium of a ra» Learn More
  14. pure-wraps-original-coconut

    Pure Wraps - Original Coconut (4 sheets) - Organic

    *Now organically certified.* These Original Coconut Pure Wraps from Inprov'eat contain pure ingredients prepared with wisdom and conscientious creativity by their certified chef. Learn More
  15. raw_wrap_kale

    Raw Wrap Kale (100g - 5 wraps)

    Raw Wraps have given tortillas a veggie makeover! Made from whole fresh, super food ingredients. If you have food allergies, you can relax, we've got you covered! Raw Wraps are made out of veggies and fruit. We combine fresh Kale or Spinach with appl» Learn More
  16. organic_spirulina_powder_front

    Spirulina Powder - Organic (100g, 250g, 1kg, 5kg)

    Raw Living's organic Spirulina is ecologically grown outdoors on a tropical island off mainland China, in a pristine environment with tropical sunshine, pure air and fresh mountain spring water. It is grown in a controlled environment and not wild in la» Learn More
    Price From: £4.99
  17. sweetleaf_sweetdrops_clear

    Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops - Clear (2oz / 60ml)

    SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops™, made with stevia leaf extract and natural flavours, can be added to foods or beverages – from yogurt to oatmeal, water to coffee, sauces to smoothies – for sweet, sugar-free flavour. Each o» Learn More

  18. wrawp_original

    WrawP Raw Vegan Flat Bread - Original (158g / 3 wraps)

    Original is Wrawp's most popular flavour, mainly because it is easy to pair with anything! Make a sandwich, make a pizza, make a simple wrap to go. This delicious wrawp is packed with nutrition from corner to corner! You simply can not go wrong with » Learn More

  19. yummy_scrummy_cake_slice

    Yummy Scrummy - Raw Chocolate Slice (60g)

    Yummy Scrummy Raw Chocolate Brownie is raw bar made from fruits, nuts and lots of Ecuadorian Arriba raw cacao. Packed full of wholesome goodness it won a Gold in the Taste of the West Awards 2011 - give it a try, we're sure you won't be disappointed!» Learn More

19 item(s)

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