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Bed & Bath

Beautiful, organic and ethically made bedding that protects the producers, protects the environment, and protects yourself as conventional cotton can have many thousands of chemical residues which will soak into your skin and can cause allergies.

If you want to make a positive change, and support a better future, start with small changes in making your lifestyle a little bit healthier by switching to organic cotton. It's strong, long lasting and will biodegrade.

5 reasons to start using organic cotton:

  • Eliminates hazardous pesticides
  • Gives power to farmers not GM companies
  • Helps farmers feed their families and local community
  • Saves precious water and combats climate change
  • Protects you and your family's skin from harmful chemicals

Organic certification sets very strict social and economic conditions for farmers and buyers which gives the growers a fair wage, safe working conditions and a good price for their produce from buyers. This helps to reduce poverty within a farming community and protects against child labour and inhumane treatment.

Organic cotton does not get treated with any chemicals when being woven into fabric and does not get treated with toxic finishing chemicals such as formaldehyde which is used as a fire retardant or easy iron™ finish on the garments.

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