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We love super foods. They improve our lives on a daily basis. They give us the energy and enthusiasm to keep on keepin on in a world which is often far from perfect. Super foods energise and empower us to live life to the full. We dream of living in a world full of energised and empowered people, living and creating to their full potential. Which is why we encourage you to learn about them, and join us on this journey of wonder and discovery into some of the most incredible plant foods our planet has to offer us.

Find out more about some of the most popular superfoods and how best to introduce them into your daily routine. In this FREE six-part course, created by Kate to help you navigate through a sometimes confusing world of super healthy foods, you will find detailed information about some of her favourite ingredients - Chia seeds, Cacao (chocolate), Goji Berries, Buckwheat, Hemp and Yacon.  Enter your email now to receive the course and discover exclusive new recipes, hints, tips and how to use these magical plant foods.

When you're new to raw foods, it can seem at times that we are talking another language. Adaptogens, ginkgo, polysaccharides, chaga, electrolytes, ashwaganda, the list of unfamiliar terms is endless...

So to simplify things for you a little, we decided to turn the spotlight on some of our favourite super foods, and break down why they are so beneficial, and how best to introduce them to your menus.

There are six Super food Spotlights in total, and each one includes an exclusive recipe developed by Kate. So even if you know all there is to know about superfoods, it's worth signing up just for the recipe!

Week 1 | Chia

Chia Superfood Spotlight Course - Part 1

Chia is an incredibly versatile food, and one of the very best dietary sources of essential fatty acids. Chia can be soaked or ground, and added to all manner of dishes. Recipe: ChiaLeaders chocolate chia pudding.

Week 2 | Cacao

Cacao Superfood Spotlight Course - Part 2

Cacao is simply the seed of the cacao fruit, with a naturally bitter taste which also complements vegetables and gives a real depth of flavour. Recipe: Kings and Queens, macadamia and golden berry chocolate.

Week 3 | Goji Berries

Goji Superfood Spotlight Course - Part 3

The Chinese, aware of their medicinal properties, use them in herbal medicine formulations, or they add them to savoury dishes such as duck or rice. Recipe: Killer Ketchup

Week 4 | Buckwheat

Buckwheat Superfood Spotlight Course - Part 4

Buckwheat is the seed of a plant,is not a grain and confusingly, is not related to wheat in any way, so it's absolutely fine for people who can't tolerate wheat. Recipe: Cake or Death

Week 5 | Hemp

Hemp Superfood Spotlight Course - Part 5

Hemp is an amazing food, Kate looks at Shelled hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp protein powder and hemp leaves. Recipe: For Hemp's Sake, a super-charged hemp milk.

Week 6 | Yacon

Yacon Superfood Spotlight Course - Part 6

Yacon has been known to help people with diabetes balance their blood sugar, and is also ideal for people suffering from Candida. Recipe: You CANdy, an irrestistable fudge.

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