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Soladey toothbrush replacement heads (4 pack Medium)

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Soladey eco ionic toothbrush replacement heads, 4 pack - medium. These tapered heads provide added benefits of deeper cleansing between the gum line, like flossing.

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Soladey eco ionic toothbrush replacement heads, 4 pack - medium. These tapered heads provide added benefits of deeper cleansing between the gum line, like flossing.

Welcome to the future of dental care!

In our age consumers are more health-conscious than ever. Our sole purpose at Soladey International is to provide environmentally responsible products, which will be of benefit to our health.

The Soladey ionic toothbrush really does work wonders for your smile! The brush is a regular household item in Japan, where sales top over 2 million units a year.

How the natural Soladey ionic cleaning process works
A deep clean starts with solar power.
If you drive across Texas today, the most amazing thing isn’t the traditional oil wells, it is the wind farms. Miles and miles of spinning electrical power generators. And more and more, we are seeing the use of solar panels to provide power and light to products, homes and businesses around the world.

So why not a solar-powered toothbrush? Exactly!

Soladey was the first toothbrush to introduce and patent a solar panel power source in a toothbrush. Solar power meaning that a standard bathroom light source works fine. Just like your calculator. The sun – even better.

The solar panel charges a semiconductor that is encased in a medical grade stainless steel handle. The semiconductor connects to the “engine” of the toothbrush – the titanium dioxide rod. When water contacts the Ti02 rod, the ionic, oxygen-cleaning magic happens.

Negative good. Positive bad.
Usually negative is bad. But not so in the case of ions.

Your yucky mouth is full of bacteria, food waste, dental plaque and who knows what you have put in there. All largely positive ions. Think of your mouth as the centre of a busy, dirty city. Now along comes a refreshing, oxygen-rich bunch of negative, bacteria fighting ions generated by your titanium dioxide rod in your Soladey toothbrush. So, going back to your high school science class, what will happen if negative ions are introduced into a positive ion environment? Could it be a magnetic attraction? Absolutely. But like love, it doesn’t always happen overnight.

At Soladey, we have developed our international brand with limited resources, so we don’t have deep pockets for research, advertising and such. But the research we have done has been telling. Most interesting was a finding that it takes time for the Soladey brush to show results – particularly when it comes to breaking down plaque. The reason for this is pretty logical. If you have years of build-up on your teeth and gums, you cannot change the oral environment overnight. But we do know, that somewhere between 30-60 brushings, the microscopic ionic affects start to translate into tangible changes. 

The ion5 Solar Panel

The ION5 solar panels are hand-welded to the handle. Dr. Kunio Komiyama, of the University of Saskatchewan, tested the solar powered brush on two types of bacterial cultures that are contributors to periodontal disease. “You see complete destruction of bacterial cells,” he said.

The Negative Ion Generator
The Soladey ion5 toothbrush has a titanium dioxide rod at the bristles-end of the handle, which is light (via the solar panel) and water activated. When exposed to both, the photosensitive titanium rod creates negatively charged ions or electrons. These negative ions loosen and attract positive (hydrogen) ions from the acid in the dental plaque on the teeth. A light brushing sweeps them away.

Replaceable Bristle Brush Head
The Soladey ION5 handle should last a lifetime, though proper dental care requires the replacement of the bristle heads every 3-4 months – usually less often than other manual brushes because of a lighter brushing action.

Packs of 4 replacement heads, which fit ALL Soladey models (ION5, J3X, Eco, and future versions) are available in soft; medium; tapered bristles (for better cleaning in between the gum-line); the new rubber soft heads (designed for better adhesion); as well as smaller child bristle heads.



No toothpaste. No problem.
We have all grown up with the basic idea of brushing our teeth with toothpaste a couple times a day, getting regular dental checkups and flossing daily. And like everything else in life, few of us do as we are told.

So here is a novel proposition. Try using the Soladey oxygenating toothbrush without toothpaste – it’s a true plaque fighter. Many of our customers don’t use toothpaste for a variety of reasons – environmental concerns, or sensitivities (allergies) – to money saving. Yet the brush still works just fine for them.

Worth a try?

If you can’t live without toothpaste, Soladey recommends a small dab of environmentally friendly toothpastes for taste (because it is hard to change old habits), or essential oils like oregano or peppermint that can also help overall oral health (use just a drop or two as it’s powerful stuff). And we do recommend flossing daily. And visiting your dentist regularly. All are key to good overall dental hygiene.

Give us just three minutes of your time. Twice daily.

Some of our research has indicated that the average time people take to brush their teeth is under one minute. Yet dental practitioners still recommend brushing at least 2-3 minutes each time to achieve oral hygiene goals. Some high-end toothbrushes even have timers to tell you when to stop brushing. Duh.
So if you want to achieve the full benefits of oxygen-rich, ionic cleaning in your mouth, give Soladey just three minutes of your time, twice a day. Anywhere and anytime you want. 

Imagine a dust mop.

If you had beautifully finished wooden coffee table, you would not use a scrub brush to take the dust off – for fear of scratching the surface. So why would you want to scour your teeth with aggressive brushing or even abrasive chemicals found in some whitening toothpastes?

The Soladey ionic toothbrush does not require aggressive brushing to help whiten teeth. Because it is an ionic reaction that ultimately loosens harmful ions from your teeth and gums. The brush literally starts working if you simply hold it in your mouth.

A light brushing on teeth and gums is all that is needed to sweep away all that yucky stuff. Just like a dust mop.

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